10 Best Motherboard for i7 11700k Gaming Processor

Setting up a pro gamer PC is not an easy task for many. You must have the best available components of PC coming together. In all PC components, gamers like wo choose their favorite processors from the market. The processor is the most crucial part of gaming or editing tasks. Multi-tasking also depends on the processor’s abilities. Nowadays, gamers like to have Intel i7 11700k in their setup. This intel 11th generation processor is one of the market’s latest and most expensive processors. Its performance is counted as one of the finest in the case of gaming, video editing, and crypto mining.

This processor alone cannot achieve anything in the gaming sector. It depends a lot on its fellow motherboard. An excellent supportive motherboard can clinch the best out of any processor. A motherboard is a central interface that connects every minor component, as we are talking about the gaming processor i7 11700k that has won the market in a short time and still making its place in new markets. We must be creative to find the best motherboard for i7 11700k. We need to be creative because it requires an in-depth knowledge of the motherboards and processors.

10 Best Motherboards for Intel i7 11700k

I7 11700k is an intel 11th generation core processor. It comes with 8 cores and 16 threads, which makes it one of the finest multi-tasking processors on the market. To find the best motherboard for i7 11700k, you must be very careful.

People in the market claim that different chipset and CPU socket technology can work with i7, but it’s not true. The best compatible socket is LGA 1200 only, coming together with the Z590 chipset motherboard. Some other 400 and 500 series motherboards can also work with it. I have sorted out the best available i7 compatible motherboards from the market. All of them tried and found perfect.

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MSI Z590-A PRO ProSeries Best Motherboard for i7 11700k

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Socket: LGA 1200

Chipset: Intel Z590


Memory: 64 GB

Speed: 5333 MHz

Type: ATX

LAN: 2.5G

Shield: M.2 Frozr

Heatsink: Thermal

PCle: 4.0

Intel i7 processor is worthy of its price. This processor can give outstanding performance if attached with MSI Z590-A PRO best motherboard for i7 11700k. This motherboard doubles the performance of this processor. It is not just good with performance. It supported RAM technology makes it the tiger in the market as it supports DDR4 technology.

Chipset Technology

It comes with a Z590 technology that is one of the latest in the market. This chipset technology is compatible with the i7 processor in all scenarios. The processor is responsible for maintaining a gaming setup, but the motherboard has a more critical task. It can quickly provide an excellent interface for massive data flows between computer components.

RAM Technology

As we all know, the motherboard is responsible for every PC component. RAM is also one of the essential parts of the computer. A good ram technology can make your setup the best in the gaming field. This motherboard provides the slots for DDR4-type RAM. DDR4 ram is one of the latest in the market. It provides quick access to the gaming world.

Hardcore LAN Setup

Nowadays, a motherboard is not just about providing an interface for essential components. They also come with extra features that make this setup strong. It comes with an excellent Local Area Network setup. A 2.5G LAN is added to it that can provide a strong network connection to the system.

Thermal Heat Sink Technology

As we all know, that motherboard faces a significant issue of overheating. The more it works on multi-tasking, the more it gets heated up. Many motherboards have failed to make their name in the market. One of the leading reasons for their failure is overheating. This motherboard comes with additional thermal heat sink technology. It deals with overheating quite efficiently.

  • Perfect clock speed is offered for an i7 processor.
  • Comes with M.2 shield frozr as well.
  • It has a compatible socket to i7,
  • It runs smoothly with advanced technology.
  • Design is not an easy one to understand.

MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Motherboard with i7 Processor

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Chipset: Z590

Socket: LGA 1200

Lighting: RGB

USB: 3.2


PCle: 4.0

Heatsink: Thermal

Display: HDMI

Memory Slots: 4

The story of i7 11700k is fascinating in my life. I won this processor in an online gaming competition. I was excited to use this processor in my setup when I learned it does not support every motherboard. It has unique features that require a compatible motherboard only. So, I purchased an MSI MPG Z590 Gaming motherboard with an i7 processor. I felt like a pro gamer while using this pair in my setup.

RGB Lighting

A gamer needs two things in every condition, speed, and visuals. Much online gaming requires a special graphics card. The motherboard can also work as a graphics card with a mystic lighting setup. This motherboard has RGB mystic lighting that can add millions of visuals to the games. Also, its speed is quite good as it adds the lighting in a quick style.

PCl Express

If your motherboard has an RGB lighting setup, that does not mean it cannot provide an interface for the graphics card. This motherboard comes with PCle 4.0. 4th generation PCL express is one of the latest in the market. It can add many latest technologies of GPU on it. Also, it provides lightning speed for the graphics card to add visuals to the screen.

Compatible Features

Intel i7 11700k is the 11th generation and is one of the latest in the market. It cannot work with every motherboard because it has some merits. It requires a comfortable operation with LGA 1200 slot. LGA 1200 is available in this motherboard. This processor also requires a specific chipset that is Z590 in the motherboard. This motherboard has all the compatible features in it for the i7 11700k.

Extensive Heat Sink

Overheating is an issue faced by most gaming motherboards. Thanks to its extensive heat sink features, this motherboard is safe from overheating. It has an enlarged heat pipe setup that will throw the heat out of this system. It comes with premium thermal pads known for maintaining the super cool temperature during every task.

  • It fits in the case quickly.
  • Overheating is not a concern for this motherboard.
  • It supports the 11th gen of Intel.
  • A premium level of power setup is added to it.
  • It does not support the DDR5 memory type.

ROG Strix Z590-E i7 Compatible Motherboard

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Socket: LGA 1200


Chipset: Z590

Speed: 5333 MHz

Memory: 128 GB

Feature: AI

Power: Enhanced

Heat Sink: Thermal VRM

PCle: 4.0


LAN: 2.5G

Life is nothing without gifts. Especially when you get a surprise birthday party and multiple favorite gifts simultaneously; that happened with me this year on my birthday. I received a surprise party with multiple processors and motherboards as a gift. One of those motherboards was compatible with i7 11700k. I was impressed with the professional performance of the ROG Strix Z590-E i7 compatible motherboard. It helped me improve my gaming style.

Super Cooling Board

A motherboard cannot be successful if it does not come with a super cooling setup. This motherboard is so excellent that it simultaneously comes with all types of heat sink technologies. A unique addition is an L-shaped heat pipe in it. This pipe can provide best of the airflow. Also, it comes with a thermal heat sink setup that includes VRM and aluminum I/O. All of these features coming together makes it the best in cooling.

Latest RAM Tech

A ram technology is a crucial part of every motherboard. Different motherboards support different variants of RAM as they are responsible for providing slots on themselves. This motherboard can support the DDR4 type ram maximum. However, DDR4 might not be the latest technology gamers most love. Primarily when a motherboard can support memory up to 128 GB easily.

Compatible Socket and Chip

Its compatible features are the main reason this motherboard is the best for the i7 11700k. The most important features when measuring compatibility are CPU sockets and chipset. This motherboard comes with LGA 1200 socket and Z590 chipset. Both of these features are the best match for this processor.

WIFI Technology

This motherboard will be your love for your whole life as it comes with the latest WIFI technology. A WIFI 6.0 card is added to ensure high-speed data transfer through signals to your devices. Also, this motherboard has a 2.5G LAN that can provide an improved wired connection.

  • Multiple heat sink features.
  • Super cooling through heat pipe.
  • It works smoothly with intel i7.
  • It supports the DDR4 type of RAM.
  • Not easy to connect it for the first time.

MSI MEG Z590 Unify Best Motherboard for Gaming Intel i7

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Socket: LGA 1200


PCle: 4.0

Speed: 5600 MHz

Heatsink: Frozr

Display: 8K

Ports: Multiple


Some motherboards in the market have so many related features that it looks like they are made for a specific processor. The same is the case with MSI MEG Z590 Unify best motherboard for gaming intel i7. I was watching the reviews of different motherboards compatible with the i7. This motherboard took me by surprise. Its specs are precisely according to the requirement of Intel.

Extensive Heatsink

An extensive heatsink technology is installed in this motherboard as it can manage the high airflow easily. A VRM heatsink is its first feature to deal with overheating. VRM uses a specific styled heat pipe to throw the heat outside. Also, it comes with an aluminum cover that can maintain the required temperature on the motherboard. The best part is the Frozr heatsink. Frozr is known for cooling down the most intense parts of any motherboard.

Multiple Display Ports

A motherboard depends on the critical part of ports. If a motherboard comes with the latest technologies in ports, that can help it to showcase its skills properly. This motherboard is rich in the ports sector. It comes with 4 ports of a dual thunderbolt. Dual thunderbolt can provide the display to two monitors from a single port. Also, it can manage windows and mac at the same time.

Full Gaming Potential

This motherboard is the best i7 gen 11700k motherboard for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is its superior gaming potential. This MOBO is an ATX type in technology. ATX motherboard can provide insane processing speed for the gaming setup without inducing much power. It supports the 11th generation of gaming intel processors with ease and grace.

Improved Power Setup

Any motherboard depends a lot on its power setup. If I talk about the i7 gen 11700k intel processor, it works at a perfect pace. So, a compatible motherboard must come with an enhanced power setup to avoid overheating and short circuits at any stage. This motherboard has digital power phases of 16+2+1. A mirrored-powered arrangement makes it the most improved motherboard in this article.

  • It fits in the case with ease.
  • An excellent power setup will avoid any power issues.
  • This Mobo has all compatible features for i7 gen 11700k.
  • It heatsinks technology is one of the finest.
  • It needs a specific set of drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS ELITE i7 gen 11700k Compatible Motherboard

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Socket: LGA 1200

Chipset: Z590

Tech: ATX

WIFI: 6.0

LAN: 2.5G

PCle: 4.0

USB: 3.2


Slots: 4

Wireless: 802.11 ax

My family is full of game lovers. My younger brothers are fond of setting up a gaming pc and playing live games on it. They have immense knowledge about gaming processors and motherboards. I asked them what the best motherboard for the i7 11700k is, and they responded with the same name, GIGABYTE Z590 AORUS ELITE i7 gen 11700k compatible motherboard. So, I became curious to read about this motherboard. Its features are one of the best, and they will surprise you.

Multiple RAM Slots

As we all know, the motherboard is responsible for providing an attractive interface for every PC component. One of the main parts of every computer is its Random Access Memory. RAM can do wonders if a motherboard can manage a high range of RAM. So, this excellent motherboard, known as the best for gaming, has 4 DIMM slots. It supports DDR4 RAM and can manage 128 GB in 4 of its slots.

High Tech Wireless Connection

A motherboard is not just about providing an interface as it can also manage some high-end wireless features. This motherboard comes with a 2.5G LAN network that provides a strong Ethernet connection. Also, it comes with WIFI 6.0. This WIFI technology is the latest as it can provide high-speed data transfer. It can also work with the 5 GHz band because it has a wireless rate of 802.11 AX.

HD Audio Sound

The quality of sound that I can receive during games also depends upon the motherboard interface. This Mobo comes with multiple features, and one of them is an audio codec. It comes with the latest HD audio codec that can produce a soothing sound effect in HD. ALC1120 audio IC is an expert chip for producing a distortion-free and smooth sound experience.

Compatible Socket

If I talk about i7 compatible motherboards in the market, the first feature I check is a compatible socket. Intel 11th generation i7 11700k can only work with a specific CPU socket type. This socket is called LGA 1200. LGA 1200 will prevent any damage while inserting. Also, the LGA 1200 is known as the best gaming socket.

  • HD audio codec will give high-end sound technology.
  • Specially installed IC for headphones.
  • It supports DDR4 RAM with 4 slots.
  • AX wireless rate can manage more bandwidth.
  • Some brands of RAM might not work at their finest on this motherboard.

ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus Best Desktop Motherboard for i7

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Thunderbolt: 4

Socket: LGA 1200

Intel: 11th Gen

Chipset: Z590

USB: 3.2 Front

Lighting: AURA RGB

Power: 14.2

PCle: 4.0

M.2: 3 Slots

I have tried top motherboards for i7 so far. All of them perform well and deliver what they perform. I was looking for a motherboard to provide a better desktop display during live gaming. I was fortunate enough to choose ASUS TUF Gaming best desktop motherboard for i7. This motherboard has rich features of providing an HD display with ease and grace.

Thunderbolt Supremacy

This motherboard is launched with a thunderbolt card in it. A thunderbolt card can do wonders in a gaming setup. It can improve three performance sectors: display, power, and WIFI speed. If a motherboard requires, it can provide extra power to it. Also, this thunderbolt can improve the WIFI speed quickly up to 40 Gbps. This feature sounded unbelievable to me. I believe in thunderbolt supremacy now.

HDR Display Setup

The best motherboard for i7 11700k must come with some extra features of HDR display. This Mobo fulfills all of your demands. It comes with a thunderbolt 4 that can provide an 8k display with ease and grace. It has type C and USB 3.2 for an easy connection experience. USB is provided on the front side as well. PCL express is also available with its latest version of 4.0 that can provide enhanced graphics card speed.

Potential Gaming Lights

A pro gamer like me always likes to add different components that can provide some extra lighting support. Background lighting effects become possible only with an RGB lighting setup. This motherboard comes with a particular ASUS setup of RGB lighting called AURA RGB. It can add uncountable effects to gaming. This feature provides lighting for a real-time gaming experience.

Audio AI Technology

When I talk about motherboards, multiple AI technologies have been introduced so far. It becomes hard to find AI technology in the audio setup of any motherboard. Audio AI technology can prevent unwanted sound in games. This Mobo has been introduced with Two-way AI noise cancellation to reduce distortion at every level.

  • It provides a real-time gaming experience with 11th gen processors.
  • 8k video technology is not a wish anymore.
  • Thunderbolt support can do wonders.
  • It prevents distortion with AI noise cancellation.
  • You should install it perfectly to avoid overheating.

ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 i7 Compatible Motherboard

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Socket: LGA 1200

Chipset: Z590

Intel: 11th & 10th Gen

Tech: ATX

Lan: 2.5G Dual

Power: 14+2

PCle: 4.0

Lighting: AURA RGB

Thunderbolt: 4

M.2/NVMe SSD: 4

Ram: DDR4

Memory: 128 GB

Feature: AI

Heatsink: Multiple

Some people leave products because they are expensive. Not every high categorized product is expensive and not worthy of its price. While wandering around in the market, I saw an excellent product. ROG Maximus XIII Hero i7 compatible motherboard is one of the finest. It has multiple features that can control overheating and over speeding of data transfer.

AI-Enabled Motherboard

You might have seen multiple motherboards that can provide multiple features to handle different functions. None can be as good as this motherboard because it comes with AI technology. Artificial intelligence is a technology that can take action on its own. AI cooling is one of them that can activate itself in case of overheating. This AI technology makes it one of the best motherboards that support i7 Processor.

Networking Specialist

A motherboard with WIFI networking is the most significant gift in this industry. The same is the case with this motherboard, as it comes with multiple networking features. It has a dual 2.5G LAN setup that can provide the best speed to ethernet. Also, it has onboard 6E WIFI that can manage the bandwidth up to 5 GHz. AI networking is also one of the top features.

Super Cooling Setup

When a processor is meant to work at a good pace, it needs a good partner in the shape of a super cool motherboard. It is admitted that overheating is an issue in many top-tier gaming motherboards. The manufacturer has installed a wholesome feature in this motherboard to make it super cool. It comes with an optimized thermal design that will manage the heat flow with the help of VRM heatsinks. The aluminum cover also provides a beautiful setup that can reduce overheating.

  • It is a perfect motherboard for an 11th-generation processor.
  • AI technology makes it superior in the market.
  • Heatsink design is also the latest.
  • A Dual LAN guard is added for networking.
  • It is a bit expensive as compared to other products.

ASUS Prime Z590-P Best Motherboard for Gaming Intel i7

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Socket: LGA 1200

Tech: ATX

Power: 10+1

M.2: 3

Chipset: Z590

PCle: 4.0

Thunderbolt: 4

USB: 3.2

LAN: 2.5G

Some processors in our life require good luck to have a better partner. I borrowed a motherboard from my friend as he claimed it would work perfectly with Intel i7 gen 11700k. Intel 11th generation processor demands a high-tech featured motherboard with a specific type of chipset. I used this ASUS Prime Z590-P best motherboard for gaming intel i7. I played multiple gaming competitions with its help, and it worked all the time.

M.2 Slots Connectivity

SSD in the market is one of the latest technologies that can provide rapid speed in processing. M dot two is also an expansion card. It can provide an excellent place for SSD to be plugged. Something is shocking about this slot: it is not connected through a wire. It is directly plugged in, saving multiple wires to be seen on the motherboard.

Thunderbolt Supremacy

The IT sector is developing every day. New inventions are being made to provide a seamless operation to the people. One of the latest additions is thunderbolt support on the motherboard. Thunderbolt can provide multiple supports in case of emergency only. For example, you need some extra power to complete the task or an 8k video technology in the games. That is what Thunderbolt is known for. It will come up as a savior for you by providing multiple assistances simultaneously.

Gaming Perfect Motherboard

This motherboard is the best motherboard for the Intel i7 11700k gaming processor, and there are many reasons behind it. It has multiple ports such as 3rd generation USB and type C port. USB in it is provided at the front side of the CPU. Also, it has a 2.5G LAN that gives it perfect network power to run multiple AAA games. Its ports can support multiple monitors at the same time.

  • It provides advanced performance with the help of Thunderbolt.
  • Provides excellent gaming output.
  • Looks clean because some cables are prevented due to M dot 2.
  • It works perfectly for 11th-generation intel processors.
  • Type-C port does not support 4k content.

ASUS Prime Z590-A Gaming Motherboard with i7 Processor

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Socket: LGA 1200

Chipset: Z590

Tech: ATX

Lighting: RGB Aura

LAN: 2.5G

Power: DrMOS

Overclocking: OptiMem II

Comprehensive Cooling

AI: Noise Cancellation

When discussing ASUS Prime Z590-P, how can we leave the ASUS Prime Z590-A Gaming motherboard with i7 Processor behind? Finding the best match for the 11th gen intel processors is not an easy task to do. This Processor comes with all the required features and updates. AI technology and overclocking management make it one of the best gaming motherboards for i7 Processors.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the latest introductions in the PC market and every other sector. This excellent motherboard comes with a complete AI setup in it. It has an AI cooling setup that will kickstart itself on its own. AI cooling works according to the temperature of the motherboard. Also, it comes with AI overclocking as well. You don’t need to worry about the high-speed data transfer during multitasking.

Noise Cancellation

Motherboards are primarily focused on providing just a simple interface that can match up with any processor. This motherboard is an exception to all other motherboards as it comes with special audio-coded features. It has an AI noise cancellation setup with a particular designated IC for headphones. It will reduce the unwanted distortion from every sound going through it.

Extensive Cooling Setup

Many motherboards in the market claimed that the best motherboard for i7 11700k comes with multiple cooling features. This motherboard also has many features at the same time. First, it has a hybrid fan header with PCH heatsink technology. Also, it comes with FanXpert to control the fans all the time.

  • Best pick for any gaming setup.
  • AI overclocking makes it unique.
  • It provides a crystal straightforward audio setup.
  • It comes with all compatible features for i7.
  • You can’t use 4 slots of RAM at their fullest.

GIGABYTE Z590 UD Best Motherboard for i7 11700k

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Socket: LGA 1200

Chipset: Z590

USB: 3.2

PCle: 4.0

M.2: Triple

LAN: 2.5G


DrMOS: 50A

Power: 12+1

Heatsink: VRM

Last in our list might not be the best but is one of the finest in its price range and category. This processor can do wonders if connected perfectly with 11th generation intel gaming processor. The main reason behind its induction is the top-tier features installed in it. GIGABYTE Z590 UD best motherboard for i7 11700k is better than many.

Enhanced Power Backup

Many motherboards do not focus on power issues. They focus on overheating, overclocking, audio and video features with RAM, and many more. They miss out most important factor of power backup. This motherboard comes with a DrMOS 12+1 power backup that maintains an improved level of power backup.

Heatsink Operation

This motherboard is focused on providing the smoothest operation to the intel 11th gen processor. That is why it comes with a complete cooling setup as well. VRM heatsink will flush put all the heat. It helps to maintain the temperature of the motherboard.

Best for Intel i7

This motherboard is one of the finest in-top motherboards for the i7 processor. It does not just come with advanced smooth operation features; it is also compatible with i7. It comes with an LGA 1200 CPU socket that avoids damage during insertion. Also, it comes with a compatible technology of chipset that is Z590.

  • Excellent DrMOS power backup.
  • It improved heatsink technology.
  • Compatible with i7 intel processor.
  • The bracket for the heatsink is missing in some places.

Buying Guides for the Best Motherboard for Gaming Intel i7

Intel i7 11th gen processor is one of the finest gaming processors in the market. Pro gamers always prefer a gaming processor that can run smoothly. For a processor to run smoothly, it requires a good partner motherboard. I have discussed the buying points that will guide you to get the best motherboard for the i7 11700k in a limited price range.

CPU Socket Compatible

Firstly, you should check the CPU socket type to check the compatibility of any motherboard with the processor. Not every CPU socket can work with intel i7 gen 11700k; it requires a specific LGA 1200 socket. This socket is so easy to insert it can prevent any damage.

Chipset Technology

The next thing is quite technical as the chipset technology of any motherboard needs to be compatible with the processor. Every motherboard cannot run an i7 gen 11700k processor as it requires advanced technology. 400 or 500 series are preferred for this processor.

AI Technology

Many motherboards offer AI technology nowadays. Artificial intelligence is the latest technology in the market. It can manage all of the tasks by itself without getting any intimation from the user. Try to purchase a motherboard with AI technology.

Thunderbolt Support

Thunderbolt is also like an AI technology. It can provide many extra features in case of a requirement. First, it is the most accessible gateway to get 8k video on your gaming monitor. Also, it can provide extra backup of voltage when required.

Super Cooling Setup

Overheating is the central issue faced by most users in motherboard and processors. Many motherboards come with the latest VRM, Heat Pipe, Thermal guard, and many other features that deal with cooling. Must get the latest heatsink technology for your PC.

Product Recommendations
Not every motherboard with 400 or 500 chipsets can work perfectly with your intel i7 processor. It would help if you had expert advice to get the best motherboard for the i7 11700k processor. Our tech team has worked hard to provide you with a product that covers all features. According to the team, ROG Strix Z590-E i7 compatible motherboard will work perfectly for you as it comes with all features simultaneously.
Does i7 11700K support 3600 MHz RAM?

RAM is also a crucial part of every motherboard and processor. Intel i7 11700k can run DDR4 type of ram only. Clock speed in DDR4 RAM won’t be an issue to run for this processor.

Is an i7-11700K good for gaming?

If gaming is your only goal, the i7 gen 11700k is the best gaming processor in the market. Also, K in it stands for overclocking. Overclocked processor is always excellent for a gaming setup.

What is the best motherboard for i7 10700k 2022?

Motherboards with 500 or 400 series chipset technology can work with i7 10700k, but Z490 motherboards are preferred as the best ones. They can provide multiple additional features as well.

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