Best Motherboard for Intel Core i7 4790K(Updated Review)

In 2014, the Intel Core i7 4790K was a big break for enthusiasts and gamers. It may seem outdated to many people, but it still has advantages. You won’t disappoint if you are one of them and looking for the best motherboard for Intel Core i7 4790K. It is one of the most powerful medium-tier processors to yield performance for gaming and productivity. Core i7 4790K motherboard can still give you solid performance for everyday tasks.

Upgrading to the best motherboard for i7 4790K can take the performance to the next level. You can expect faster connectivity and data transfer speed. It provides performance equivalent to a decent gaming setup with the proper hardware. The i7 4790 motherboard supports DDR3 RAM with a memory cap size of 32 GB, which is decent as you can get higher rates, high-speed ports, and SSD connectivity for data transfer.

 Top 5 Motherboards Compatible with i7 4790K in 2022

Selecting the motherboard for the processor is always a riddle because several manufacturers offer slightly different features on compatible motherboards. A newbie cannot differentiate between these motherboards and the features they offer.

Therefore I have decided to put together a list of the top 5 motherboards compatible with i7 47900K in 2022. You can read the review and purchasing guide to select the best option for your gaming rig.

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ASUS B85M-G Best Micro ATX Motherboard for i7 4790K

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  • Brand: ASUS
  • Socket Type: LGA 1150
  • Compatible Processor: i3/i5/i7 4th Gen, Pentium, Celeron Processors
  • Chipset Type: Intel B85
  • Memory Type: DDR3, 32 GB
  • Memory Speed: 1600 MHz

The Asus B85M-G is a cost-effective best Micro ATX motherboard for i7 4790K for enthusiasts looking for dependable quality and performance but don’t have the money to invest in the high-end ASUS models. It gives several outstanding features, especially regarding power consumption and energy efficiency.

High Protection Level

The ASUS motherboard is also a good option for your Intel Core i7 4790K. It will provide you with the five levels of protection for your system. The high-quality components like DIGI+VRM digital power circuit will provide an accurate power supply to the CPU when needed.

There are self-recovery fuses around the DRAM socket so that no short circuit will be avoided and prevent the flow of overcurrent from the system. To increase this motherboard’s reliability and durability, the ASUS uses corrosion-resistant I/O back covers. I find this motherboard one of the best in durability and reliability.

Overclocking and Power Consumption

The ASUS AI Suite 3 comes with a new user interface that is brief and attractive in looks and provides you with a large display. I can say that this ASUS is a complete package of features that will allow you to power consumption, fan speed, control overclocking, and many more things.

This application gives you multi-functional and easy-to-use features without the problem of switching between various utilities. It is undoubtedly the best ASUS motherboard for your Intel Core i7 4790K.

Memory Size and Slots

You have the option to add up to 32 GB DDR3 RAM to this motherboard as there are four RAM slots provided in it. With this type of RAM, you will not experience difficulty efficiently handling any multitasks.

Storage and SATA Ports

There are only 4 SATA slots in ASUS B85M i7 4th gen best motherboard, and they are enough. Although it is missing the M.2 slot, it is not a big thing regarding its price point. You will miss the M.2 connectivity if you are into gaming and high-performance tasks.

Ports and Connectivity

Advanced encryption technology provides twice the performance. There are PCI Express 3.0 and PCI Express 2.0 slots. For the delivery of data transmission speed, there are x16 channels with a bandwidth of 32GB/s. They will also provide accessibility and a smooth transition of backward compatibility.

ASUS B85 motherboard also contains 8x USB 2.0 ports and 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports for the fastest data transfer. Asus USB 3.0 Boost technology too much extant and transfers the speed of USB devices to 170%, increasing the performance. You will also experience the use of plug and play connection, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

  • The addition of the Xpert Fan is excellent for cooling
  • Offers great value for the affordable gaming
  • It has several ports for connectivity and data transfer
  • It comes with ASUS AI Suite 3 for supporting overclock
  • It is not the good for hardcore gamers
  • The I/O plate seems substandard
  • One latch RAM seems problematic for some users

ASUS Z97-A DDR3 i7 4th Gen Best Motherboard

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  • Brand: ASUS
  • Socket Type: LGA 1150
  • Compatible Processor: i3/i5/i7 4th Gen, Pentium, Celeron Processors
  • Chipset Type: Intel Z97
  • Memory Type: DDR3, 32 GB
  • Memory Speed: 1600 MHz

When looking for a motherboard, it’s not always essential to choose by the number of features it has. Products like the ASUS Z97-A, which have all the critical features combined, can be worth far more depending on what you will use it for.

BIOS and Upgrade

The Z97-A motherboard contains the latest BIOS and will support all operating systems, which is excellent. The other important thing to notice is that you will not face any instability issues as you see in most of the MSI motherboards. It will also ensure keeping the temperature in control, and the BIOS will give you DRAM overclocking.

Power Consumption

As a power-efficient motherboard, the ASUS Z97-A had no problem providing my CPU enough voltage to test under load. Overclocking this product was simple, and I achieved similar voltages as my Z87 based test. At a stock performance, however, the Z97-A has a relaxed Turbo profile which helps keep it extra efficient when not under pressure.

Intelligent Processors

ASUS Z97 i7 4790K supported motherboards come with dual-processor and 5-way optimization. However, this processor increases your system’s speed and provides the best handling process for your daily heavy-duty work with great accuracy and luminous efficiency.

High-Speed Storage

It is good to say that if you want to work with excellent efficiency and also need the fastest speed, then this motherboard will be a good pick. The premium quality SATA Express and M.2 support the maximum speed of 10Gb/s for data transfer.

With this motherboard, you will complete your task in less time with good speed and provide a peaceful time for your important work. At the same time, this motherboard will not disappoint you and give you better performance in gaming.

Software and Control

ASUS is well known for delivering top-notch software with its motherboard/operating system combinations, and the ASUS Z97-A best motherboard for Intel Core i7 4790K, has no shortcoming in this respect. The AI suite included in the package provides more control over the software and hardware for the Z97 motherboard.

  • Excellent power consumption under overclocking and stock
  • The connectivity and control of the fans are excellent
  • User manual is easy to read, and the motherboard is pretty simple to install
  • Audio experience is immersive and suits gaming needs
  • BIOS is ready to tweak due to its wide-open interface
  • The front and rear audio input differ in outputs
  • Pricey in its competitors list

MSI Z87-G45 Gaming i7 4790 Motherboard DDR3

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  • Brand: MSI
  • Socket Type: LGA 1150
  • Compatible Processor: i3/i5/i7 4th Gen, Pentium, Celeron Processors
  • Chipset Type: Intel Z87
  • Memory Type: DDR3, 32 GB
  • Memory Speed: 3000 MHz

To add more spark to your gaming setup and get a stylish design, MSI Z87 G45 Gaming is my first choice. The stylish and bold i7 4790 motherboard DDR3 has standard MSI offerings. If you are not into the simple design like ASUS ROG Maximum VII, this MSI Z87 is the perfect fit for your needs.

RAM Capacity & Memory Storage

Like the other motherboards in the list, you will also find the 4 DIMM slots in the Z87-G45 GAMING. The RAM capacity of the MSI Z87 motherboard is up to 32GB which is good enough. It supports 3000 MHz speed, perfect for gaming.

If we talk about the connectivity of MSI Z87-G45, then they can connect 6 SATA ports and one mSATA port. But unfortunately, the motherboard lacks M.2 port, which is disappointing in this price range.

Thermal Control and Fan

It is good to know that the Command Center has introduced a new fan control interface, and you can easily configure the configuration of files. It will also allow you to control the speed of fans. Now it is easy for the user to note the status in real-time and record the fans’ temperature, speed, and voltage in the log file.

For overclockers and programmers, this feature is very beneficial. The heat transfer and heat dissipation become perfect through the extra-large radiators, allowing you to play the games for a long time without any issue.

Expansion Slots and Ports

There are 3x PCI Express 3.0 for installing graphics cards, and the Crossfire and SLI support them. Moreover, you will also see the 4x PCI Express 2.0 x1 port, 6 x USB 3.0 ports, and 8x USB ports in this motherboard. Other features include Killer E2205 LAN, HDMI, VGA, and DVI.

Audio Quality and Experience

Regarding the audio quality and experience, you should be ready to enjoy the high-quality sound with the MSI Audio Boost on this best motherboard for Intel Core i7 4790K. You will get a high-quality soundtrack while playing games with music. Undoubtedly, the audio performance is outstanding in increasing the energy level while playing games.

Due to the isolated circuit from the other functions, there are fewer possibilities of interference, and as a result, you will get higher stability. Moreover, with headphones, you will enjoy the extraordinary sound, like studio quality on your gaming PC.

Gaming Performance

The MSI enhances the ports for a mouse with high polling rates of 500 to 1000Hz. As a result, you will get a smoother mouse performance while playing games and instant response. And this will reduce the time of the response of the mouse from 8 milliseconds to 1 millisecond. These ports improve the work quality and ensure that your PS/2 and USB ports work well when sending via LAN.

VGA Boost

The VGA Boost is a unique way to help gamers participate in the virtual world with excellent work. When you install this GAMING motherboard, the VGA Boost will enhance the limit of performance of the MSI graphics cards. There is only a need to update the current limit and power setting, and all the other things will work accurately.

  • The solder and PCB are strong, which speaks for their quality
  • It comes with lots of USB ports to serve connectivity needs
  • The BIOS seems easy to use and ready to overclock
  • Its aesthetics and color scheme first the gaming rigs
  • BIOS needs an immediate update to solve its quirkiness
  • It does not come with the driver disk

Gigabyte GA-Z97X Gaming 5 Motherboard for i7 4790K

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  • Brand: Gigabyte
  • Socket Type: LGA 1150
  • Compatible Processor: i3/i5/i7 4th Gen, Pentium, Celeron Processors
  • Chipset Type: Intel Z97
  • Memory Type: DDR3, 32 GB
  • Memory Speed: 3200 MHz

I recommended Gigabyte GA Z97X Gaming 5 to a bunch of fellow gamers as it is ready to overclock. The gamers who want to have fun while gaming without any further adjustments can pick this good motherboard for i7 4790K. Its one-click overclocking software worked like a charm for me during testing.

Memory and BIOS

There are 4 DIMM Slots with 32 GB of RAM capacity, which will provide you the speed of 3200 MHz in the GA-Z97X. In this competition race, the Gigabyte Z97X i7 4790K combo is decent, in my opinion. The dual BIOS is another option for you in this motherboard. The dual BIOS feature will help you a lot if your primary BIOS crashes in some cases.

Connectivity and Storage

The connectivity options are also outstanding as there are 6 SATA ports at offering by Gigabyte best motherboard for Intel Core i7 4790K. These ports are beneficial for connecting more devices to the system. There is also an M.2 slot that can transfer the data at 10 Gb/s. I recommend installing the operating system on M.2 SSD drive as it saves your time with its speed.

Cooling Performance

The system requires CPU fan power to support the cooling pumps and fans for cooling the motherboard’s components. It will also support OPT fans for this motherboard. Adding additional headers to the CPU fan to connect with the pump is also possible. This system should help you configure it to run at full speed without any issue. It is also a good idea to use OPT fans with dual-fan coolers.

Expansion Slots

The most exciting thing about Gigabyte Z97’s best motherboard for i7 4790K 2022 is the presence of 3x PCI Express 3.0. Gamers have a great option of 3-way crossfire and 2-way SLI, a package for a good gaming experience. If you want to connect other external devices with your PC, you have 4 USB 2.0 and 4 USB 3.0 ports that are more than enough for your needs.

Audio Performance

The exclusive AMPUP in Gigabyte gaming motherboard is the highest embedded technology and function. You will undoubtedly get an extraordinary gaming experience with these sharp and ultra-realistic sound effects, and the sound will increase your enthusiasm while playing games due to these sound effects.

However, the Gigabyte Intel i7 4790K motherboard is designed for gamers and equipped with a high-quality amplifier capable of handling 600 ohm. As a result, you will get a dynamic range of sound, and even if you use the headphones, the details will be more accurate, and the distortion level is also low.

Media Interface and Connectivity

In the HDMI, you will get up to 5GB/s of video bandwidth. Digital content related to the analog interface and its digital-to-analog conversion is up to 1080p quality.

It will support HDCP’s compliance if you want to enjoy the Blu-ray and other content. 4K resolution power will provide high-definition content. The native 4K through HDI integrated Intel® HD graphics, and you will enjoy this kind of support.

  • It has the excellent build quality and durability
  • There are lots of room for M.2 slots for fast storage
  • It supports both SLI and Crossfire for the GPUs
  • The dual BIOS options seem highly practical for enthusiasts
  • The size seems smaller than standard ATX motherboards
  • The BIOS interface needs improvements to make it understandable
  • It is slightly overpriced


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  • Brand: ASUS
  • Socket Type: LGA 1150
  • Compatible Processor: i3/i5/i7 4th Gen, Pentium, Celeron Processors
  • Chipset Type: Intel Z97
  • Memory Type: DDR3, 32 GB
  • Memory Speed: 3300 MHz

If I must sort the best motherboard for Intel Core i7 4790K, ASUS ROG Maximus VII Formula comes on top of the list. It has an Intel Z97 chipset to offer performance for AAA gaming. It tends to stand out among the top-of-the-line ROG products when tested for gaming. The LGA 1150 socket fits best with the i7 4th generation processors.

Built and Feel

I like how the ROG Shield provides us with most of the PCB hidden, and you will have a beautiful sleek design of motherboard for your system. Undoubtedly, it looks excellent with the necessary space for the components you want to install according to your needs. The whole design makes the motherboard slick and perfect for PC.

Expansion Slots

When it comes to expansion slots, you can see that 3 PCIe x1 slots are also provided along with the 3 PCIe x16 slots. However, the configuration of these slots is very typical, and you will get x16 by installing a single card. But if you install two cards, they will run at x8. While on the other hand, the final slot is only x4. Moreover, here is the SupremeFX shielding for your audio.

Storage Options

You will get lots of options for storage in the form of 10 SATA III ports and 2 SATA Express ports to round things off. For running off the Intel Z97 chipset, there are M.2 Socket, 4 SATA II ports, and 1 SATA Express, all of these ports placed at the left of the motherboard.

Connectivity and Ports

DisplayPort and HDMI connectors offer options for video out and an optical port above them. These audio ports with 6 auxiliary ports are responsible for providing you with the best audio through the ROG 8-Channel High-Definition Audio CODEC. You will get 6 USB 3.0 ports, an Intel I218V controller, and a gigabit networking port with all of these ports.

  • It is easy to install and setup, even for newbies
  • The build quality is durable and sturdy
  • It comes with a handy CMOS reset button for an instant fix
  • The motherboard is capable of overclocking and performance
  • The expansion slot seems slightly tricky to install
  • BIOS seems complicated to understand when overclocking
  • Slightly more expensive option than its competitors

Intel Core i7 4790K Motherboard Buying Guide

It is good to know which i7 4th generation motherboard suit you. Several things should remain considered for the i7 4790K motherboard recommendation. Here is some important thing that will help you pick the best i7 4790k motherboard DDR4.
This guide will try to give some ideas about the best motherboard for Intel Core i7 4790K that will be best for your gaming setup. Keep in mind these considerations when buying these motherboards

SATA Connectors and Performance

The first and most important thing to understand while buying a motherboard is its SATA ports. Knowing how many SATA ports are in the motherboard is crucial. All the motherboards mentioned above have a varying number of SATA connectors.

Always pick up the motherboard with SATA connectors to support for connectivity of drivers like SSD and other options. More SATA ports provide more space for keeping the data and gaming files.

Form Factor

The form factor of any motherboard tells you about its build. The specifications like power supply, size, mounting holes, overall layout, and shape of your motherboard describe through its form factor. I recommend getting the ATX Form Factor because you can get a lot of space for other installations according to your need.

Moreover, the ATX form factor will help you add more PCIe lanes and is also best for the GPU systems. ATX model is also suitable for accommodating more RAM slots and increases your system’s efficiency if you run high-intensive RAM applications. However, a micro ATX motherboard is better if you want a compact build.

PCIe Slots

It is another main factor for consideration, and it is essential to take a look while choosing a motherboard. I recommend you pick up the motherboard that can quickly meet PCIe slots’ requirements.

The PCIe slots are also known as the expansion slots and connect your expansion cards with the motherboard. Moreover, these expansion slots will work for your system to provide efficient performance, and it doesn’t matter for what purpose you will use your systems, like gaming or office work.

RAM Slots

Having more memory slots not only increases the better performance rate and also boosts the experience of using the system. There is nothing to bother about if you have a PC with more RAM slots.

It will get you through heavy-duty work even if you spend lots of time playing games or other activities. It will improve your experience and keep you at ease during the system’s usage time. Furthermore, having more RAM slots helps you expand the memory for better performance.

Graphics Support

The motherboards support different graphics ports that accommodate a dedicated graphics card or an integrated graphics chip. It is essential to consider that board contains enough space for expansion slots and graphics cards according to their size. Moreover, if you want to update your graphics card, the board should be equipped with PCI and PCIe x 1 slots.

RAID Support

RAID is a set of protocols in which multiple HDDs arrange in “arrays” to ensure any fault tolerance or speed of accessing data on the hard drive. There are hardware RAID controllers built-in in most of the motherboards. They are responsible for reducing the expense of adding a RAID controller if you want to have it in your system.

Product Recommendation
These top five motherboards for i7 4790K noted above are unique and fascinating in their separate ways. Make your decision based on what is more important to you, such as saving money or having a complete set of features, and get whichever motherboard would make the best fit. You will surely enjoy the functionality of systems equipped with the best motherboard for Intel Core i7 4790K without ever facing any difficulty.
I like ASUS B85M-G Best Mobo for 4790K over other options due to its stable and beastly performance. It comes with precise power control and a tweakable BIOS. You can get much out of it when it comes to gaming at the expense of extra bucks.

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