5 Best Motherboards for Ryzen 9 3900x 2022

The PC has become a vital part of our life. Every field depends on it a lot. The main reason behind its success is improved technology, which has attracted every department of this world. The computer was not that important a few years back, but advanced technology in its components has made people fall in love with it. The motherboard and processor play the most crucial role in every computer. A sound processor like Ryzen 9 chipset can do wonders if it is connected with the best motherboard.

A processor is known to be the best if it can process the data in a short time. A sound processor like Ryzen 9 3900x is loved by all high-end users. Its performance is counted as the best one for professional users. Ryzen 9 3900x has multiple enhanced features that can make your work life perfect. It is part of Ryzen 3rd generation and comes with 12 cores. A 12-core processor can be ideal for professional gamers and editors only if it is teamed up with the best motherboard. A motherboard is the most vital organ in any computer. A processor can also achieve its best performance with a good motherboard. So, our article will mainly focus on the best motherboards for Ryzen 9 3900x in 2022.

5 Best Ryzen 9 Motherboards

Listing the best Mobo for 3900x is not an easy task to do. It requires a lot of research and practice to find compatible motherboards. As we all know, Ryzen 9 3900x comes with 12 cores and 24 threads. Core 12 processors can work like the best match for gamers. It will work in a short time and process the high-tech games with ease.

One of the leading reasons behind its success is its ease of doing multiple high-end tasks simultaneously. So, to work with this processor, a motherboard also requires some advanced features. A motherboard with an AM4 socket is a must-have thing for this processor. Also, a 500 series can best work with this Ryzen 9 chipset to perform some big tasks.

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ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus Best x570 Motherboard for 3900x

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Socket: AM4

Chipset: X570

PCle: 4.0

M.2: Dual

Power: DrMOS

Memory: 128 GB

Speed: 4400 MHz

VRM: Digi Plus

USB: 3.2

After staying away for many months from gaming, I was finally in a position to set up my gaming pc again. Many people go into the market and purchase a complete computer setup altogether. At the same time, a gaming enthusiast cannot do it like this. A gamer like me will buy every component with deep research. Also, a gamer like me will never buy everything together.

So, I purchased a Ryzen 3rd generation processor first. Then I decided to have the best compatible motherboard. I got an opportunity to have ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus best x570 motherboard for 3900x. It worked just perfectly for me to win many high-end gaming competitions.

Perfect Specs for Ryzen 9 Chipset

A sound processor can provide an unbelievable performance to skilled users. It can be possible only with the help of a good motherboard. This motherboard has perfect specs that fulfill Ryzen 9 3900x motherboard compatibility. It has the latest AMD AM4 socket type, the only compatible CPU socket for Ryzen 3rd gen. Also, an X570 chipset technology has been added to give smooth processing for any task.

Super Cooling Setup

A motherboard is incomplete without the addition of a super cooling setup. This motherboard has a perfect size to add some excellent cooling features. It comes with VRM heatsink technology. A Digi plus VRM is added to give it an AI cooling touch. Also, it has an active PXCH heatsink. All of these heatsink technologies can make it extra smooth in any scenario.

Wonderful PCI Express

The motherboard needs to add some futuristic features to make its connectivity easy. A motherboard without any advanced extra features is just ignored by users nowadays. So, this excellent motherboard comes with PCL express slots. A perfect PCl express expansion slot can manage four cards easily. It will help you to have an improved graphics and sound experience.

Good Memory Setup

Computer setup depends on many things, but RAM is one of the most crucial. Every motherboard can be a perfect motherboard for Ryzen 9 if it can support a good ram. This motherboard comes with DDR4 RAM support. It has multiple slots that can work at full speed for the motherboard. More memory means more powerful processing. It can support a memory capacity of 128 GB. A memory speed is also essential for every motherboard, so it comes with a 4400 MHz memory speed.

  • It provides perfect memory speed for gamers.
  • I can add an extra graphics card to it.
  • It provides a Type c connector as well.
  • Multiple heatsink features have been installed in it.
  • It is not the best match for overclocking.

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Good Motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x

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Socket: AM4

LAN: 2.5 Gb

BIOS: Flash

Heatsink: AURA

Lighting: RGB


Speed: 4400 MHz

Windows: 10

Chipset: B550F

Power: DrMOS

VRM: Fan Less

HDMI: 2.1

Moving on the list, you will see many surprises. After getting a perfect gaming processor that is Ryzen 9 3900x, I kept looking for a better Ryzen 9 motherboard combo. A combination is not just possible with deep knowledge, but it also requires some good luck.

My good luck worked when I used ASUS ROG Strix B550-F good motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x in my gaming setup. It fitted in the design wonderfully. Its seamless operation was something that I could not express in words. I listed it in the best motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x 2022, and its features will support my decision.

Socket and Chipset

When I look to have a perfect motherboard for any high-end processor, there are some must check features. These are the features that deal with the compatibility of both items. First of all, Ryzen 9 chipset requires an AM4 socket type. This motherboard has a super cool AM4 socket that we can install easily. Also, it can keep connectors temperature controlled in the long run. The next thing that matters is the chipset technology of the motherboard. Not every chipset can work with AMD Ryzen 9 3900x PC. A motherboard with 500 series of the chipset is the only solution for it.

Advanced Cooling Technology

After looking at the basics of every motherboard, I look for advanced features in it. This motherboard fulfills all of the wishes to have advanced features. As we all know, overheating is one of the main concerns for the motherboard. So, this motherboard has fan-less VRM technology in it.

You must be wondering how a fanless VRM can work. It uses a Stack Cool 3 plus design that can overthrow any extra heat to maintain the temperature. This thermal solution is the best one for any high-end motherboard.

BIOS Flashback

If I talk about advanced features, this motherboard will win all competitions. Most manufacturers are focused on giving onboard features like PCle and RAM etc. This motherboard is master in both manners. It can provide some extra features like BIOS flashback.

Installing the BIOS in any motherboard is very technical sometimes. This BIOS flashback gives us easy access to install BIOS with the help of Flash without logging in to the setup. This feature is something special in the market.

Gaming Expert Motherboard

Best motherboards for Ryzen 9 3900x are loved by pro gamers as well. So, I have listed this motherboard to make them happy as it has many gaming-supportive features. Things earlier mentioned are also gaming friendly such as Flash, cooling, and chipset. Other than that, this motherboard also has high connectivity options such as HDMI 2.1. It can also provide DisplayPort that helps to connect multiple monitors.

  • The easy BIOS installation process is a plus point.
  • It comes with a 2.5G LAN as well.
  • AI function with Thunderbolt 3 header.
  • Smooth function with advanced cooling.
  • Compatible components are a must for it to function correctly.

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E AMD Ryzen 9 3900x Build Motherboard

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Socket: AM4

Heatsink: Passive

Chipset: X570S


PCle: 4.0

USB: 3.2


Slots: 4

Lighting: RGB

I have been competing in many high-end gaming competitions. Once I felt a clear difference between my setup and my opponent’s setup. He was my old colleague as well. So, I asked him what sort of setup he has installed on the PC.

He was using ASUS ROG Strix X570-E AMD Ryzen 9 3900x build motherboard. He told me that this motherboard is a perfect combination for the Ryzen 3rd gen. Its seamless operation impressed me in every instance. Its features are also going to surprise you as well.

Hardcore RAM Support

This motherboard can be the finest in the market with RAM technology. It can also be called the best motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x overclocking because of its high-tech RAM performance. It supports the latest technology of RAM, which is DDR4 RAM.

A DDR4 RAM will process the data in no time to avail the desired processing speed. This Mobo has 4 RAM slots that we can use to increase memory support. Also, it can support up to 128 GB of RAM with ease and grace. Hardcore ram support makes it perfect for gaming in every scenario.

Extra Visual Effects

This motherboard fulfills all the gamer’s needs with its RGB lighting setup. RGB lighting can give your gaming visuals a real-time look. The RGB lighting is an expert to have millions of extra visuals. Gamers always love multiple colors. RGB lighting setup is a gift by AI technology these days.

PCI Express Expansion

PCle is one of the latest technologies in the market. They are also called expansion slots, allowing users to add more features to their computers. If a gamer like me tries to have exceptional visuals in high-end gaming, he can add more graphics cards. This slot provides an opportunity to add sound cards as well. WIFI card, Sound card, and graphics card can make every gaming setup excellent. This motherboard comes with PCle 4.0, which is called the latest technology.

Perfect Power Consumption

Providing a perfect power supply setup to any motherboard is also a critical job that ensures the success of any motherboard. This motherboard comes with a ProCool power connector that will keep itself calm down all the time. Its power stages are 12+4, which can maintain handsome, perfect power consumption. It has also added alloy chokes that will prevent any short circuit in extra voltage current.

  • It can add multiple visuals with RGB lighting.
  • AURA sync in it manages the extra heat.
  • It supports DDR4 ram type.
  • Compatible with many Ryzen generations.
  • BIOS issues are reported in some instances.

MSI MPG X570 Plus Best Motherboard for Ryzen 9 3000 Series

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Socket: AM4


Chipset: X570

Speed: 2666 MHz

Windows: 10

IO Ports: Shielded

Audio: Nahimmic 3

PCle: 4.0

USB: 3.2


A birthday is all about surprises. I have received multiple gifts, but this birthday was extraordinary. On this birthday, my friends and family decided to give me PC components on my birthday. Some gifted me speakers, while some gifted internal components.

One of my friends gifted me MSI MPG X570 Plus best motherboard for Ryzen 9 3000 series. I used this motherboard with my Ryzen 9 3900x gaming processor, which worked terrifically. Their performance was smooth together like they were made for each other.

Socket and Chipset

First, I have an AM4 socket for this processor. Secondly, I have a chipset technology of the 500 series. This motherboard has features that make it a perfect team member for Ryzen 9 3900x. AM4 socket is known for producing an easy way of installation. Also, AM4 will remain calm in every scenario. Overheating is not a thing known for this socket.

Improved Audio Technology

A motherboard is mainly focused on leading issues that are overheating, RAM, and power supply. Not all manufacturers try to improve other features like audio and video transfer. Improved audio technology in any motherboard can make it user-friendly. This Mobo has been made with improved audio decoding. It has an HD audio processor that can boost the audio to the next level. That call it Nahimmic 3 in the technology of audios.

Frozr Heatsink

Overheating is one of the major concerns for every company. Many motherboards have introduced new heatsink technologies to avoid this issue. None of them can work as well as Frozr heatsink technology. This Mobo has Frozr so that it will throw out any heat air. M.2 frozr shields have also been installed in it. They are pro at maintaining any level of temperature caused by SSDs. More SSDs are not a concern for this beautiful setup.

Connectivity Made Easier

Many motherboards in the market have failed because they don’t have enough high-end connectivity options. This motherboard has dealt with this concern very well. It comes with HDMI ports that can showcase the original version of videos in high quality.

Also, it comes with 6 GB SATA, which makes this Mobo best for gamers. Other leading features are PCle 4.0, USB 3.2, and M.2 ports for SSDs. These additional features may hint that the manufacturer is entirely focused on claiming it as the best AMD Ryzen 9 3900x pc.

  • High-end gaming with 6 GB SATA.
  • Noe heat with Frozr heatsink technology.
  • M.2 slots to make it quicker.
  • Its performance makes it a pure gaming motherboard.
  • Memory speed is not as good as others in this category.

Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite Best Budget Motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x

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Socket: AM4

Chipset: X570

PCle: 4.0

USC: Type C

RGB: Fusion Control


Heat: Thermal Guard

Memory: 128 GB

After I used an excellent Ryzen processor, I became curious about it. I wanted to see what the world says about this superb processor. One day, I watched a detailed review about the best motherboards for Ryzen 9 3900x. In the last video, that person showed Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite best budget motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x. I was surprised to watch the high-end features on this limited budget.

Thermal Guard for Heat

Whenever you read the specs of any motherboard that claims it is the best in gaming, you must look for a heating solution in the description. A gamer motherboard always faces the issue of overheating. The motherboard is suitable for gamers if any extra effort is mentioned on the box for overheating issues. This motherboard comes with a thermal guard that maintains the temperature. Also, it has 12 digital VRM heatsink technology phases that will flush out every inch of overheating.

Extended RAM Support

Ram is an essential part of every computer, so a good motherboard should provide a high-end setup for ram. This motherboard comes with four slots for the ram. It can support 128 GB of ram with ease and grace. DDR4 ram type is required for this motherboard as it is best for gaming. Most importantly, this Mobo has dual channel ram slots that can also extend ram speed. Dual channel rams can send data from two different channels for the improved cycle.

RGB Fusion

This manufacturer has won the heart of millions by introducing so many technologies on a meager budget. One of the main reasons behind its success is RGB fusion lighting technology. As we all know, RGB lighting is a must for a gaming setup. RGB fusion can control how much LED light we need and where. This feature will improve our way of gaming as it provides more control over us.

PCl Express

PCl express is also a significant expansion in almost every motherboard nowadays. It provides more slots to add a graphics card, sound card, or network card. This motherboard comes with PCle 4.0, which is one of the latest. Also, it has an ultra-fast feature, which means it will take no time to respond to the intimation sent by users at any stage.

  • Dual channel rams are super best.
  • RGB fusion is an improved setup.
  • Ultra-fast PCle is like a gift for gamers.
  • It provides the setup for unbuffered rams as well.
  • It is pocket friendly for everyone.
  • Core memory speed is not high.

Buying Guide for the Best Motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x 2022

Ryzen processors are counted as one of the finest gaming processors in the market. Purchasing the best motherboards for Ryzen 9 3900x without industry knowledge is like wasting your money. Multiple brands in the market are competing for the best Ryzen 9 motherboards.

To decide on a better Mobo for your setup. You must go to the market with buying guides. I have listed different steps that can save you from wasting your money. Follow these steps and get the best budget motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x 2022.

CPU Socket

Different processors come with diverse backgrounds. Each of them has other eligibility criteria for the motherboards. Ryzen 9 is the 3rd gen processor that can work only with AM4 socket type. This CPU socket is a must-have thing in eligibility criteria. Whenever you purchase a good motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x, check the socket type of that motherboard, and it should be AM4 only.

Cooling Setup

Manufacturers are competing head-to-head in the market for Ryzen 9 chipset technology. Ryzen 9 is an excellent gaming processor that can also provide high processing speed. This type of processor requires a calm and smooth motherboard in every scenario.

So, to tackle this issue, manufacturers have launched multiple advanced features. Some of them are VRN, FanXpert, and Frozr heatsink. Try to get the best cooling technology in the motherboard for the Ryzen 3rd gen processor.

Chipset Technology

One of the most crucial parts of purchasing any motherboard is deciding on its chipset technology. Ryzen 3rd gen can work with multiple 400 and 500 series motherboards. X570 by AMD is the best compatible Ryzen 9 chipset technology. It gives very smooth processing when linked with Ryzen 9.

Audio Boost

Most manufacturers focus on providing the motherboard’s basic facilities, such as socket, CPU, RAM, etc. While some of them also focus on providing extra features. The audio boost feature is one of them. Try getting a motherboard with an improved audio processor, as it can help you enjoy gaming to the next level.

Extra Lighting Effects

Pro gamers like to have everything perfect. They need high-speed processing, boosted audio, and real-time visuals. Motherboards offer an RGB lighting setup to add real-time visuals to your gaming life. RGB can add millions of effects in the light to give it an original look. Always get a motherboard with RGB lighting or RGB fusion setup.

Product Recommendation
Many people get confused after reading in detail about motherboards. The motherboard is an essential part of any computer setup. We should always try to decide with due diligence. If you cannot determine the best motherboards for Ryzen 9 3900x, our technical team will refer you to a product.
You should purchase Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite best budget motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x, as it can work smoothly. Also, it has all the advanced features that will give you a real-time gaming experience. Most importantly, it comes in a small budget that users always prefer. You can save a few bucks by purchasing this Mobo.
Are Ryzen 9 3900X motherboards compatible with B450?

Ryzen 9 3900x motherboards are part of Ryzen 3rd generation category. They can efficiently work with all 400 and 500 series, including B450. Although, the most preferred chipset technology for Ryzen 9 3900x is X570 chipsets.

What RAM is best for Ryzen 9 3900X?

Ryzen 9 3900x supports RAM type of DDR4. DDR4 ram is one of the finest in the market. Also, if we talk about the clock speed of the ram, 3000 MHz plus would be the best for this processor.

How many cores does the Ryzen 9 3900X have?

Ryzen 9 is one of the most dependable gaming processors in the market. It comes with 12 cores and 24 threads, providing smooth processing in high-end games. Also, it comes with many other high-end features that support it in complex scenarios.

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