8 Best PSU for 3080 to Make a Pro Gaming Setup

A gaming PC is incomplete without a high-end graphics card. There was a time when people were not even aware of the graphics card, and now every person wants to have the best GPU in their gaming setup. That is why Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU became short in just one year. Nvidia RTX 3080 was launched back in June 2021 that shortly became the top choice for every gamer. Its fame can be guessed by the fact that it became short in its first launch year. Nvidia is already the king of the graphics industry, and it has been ruling for many years. After launching RTX 3080, Nvidia became the crowned king in the GPU industry. RTX 3080 is an efficient graphics card used in many high-end games. So, it requires all connected components to be highly qualitative as well.

A PSU is the most crucial partner of every graphics card. No component is of significance to RTX 3080 but its power supply unit. To get the best PSU for 3080, you need to follow up with this article. A PSU is responsible for converting the AC from outside a computer to DC and supplying it to every component per requirement. A PSU is the least discussed part of every computer, but I cannot ignore its significance. A good PSU can save your computer from the damage of overloading and overvoltage. I have gathered some power supply units and discussed them in detail for your better understanding.

8 Best RTX 3080 Power Supply

We all know Nvidia comes with advanced technology every time. Its advanced technology also requires suitable supportive components for smooth operation. RTX 3080 has its requirements for the PSU. Every PSU cannot work with this graphics card.

As per Nvidia, RTX 3080 will work with at least a 750-watt power supply unit. Power wattage is the primary merit in deciding the best PSU for 3080 in any category. Also, many other RTX 3080 PSU requirements can be dealt with while studying deep down in the description.

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EVGA 220-G5-0750-X1 80 Plus Gold Best PSU for Nvidia 3080

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Wattage: 750W

Efficiency: 80+ Gold

Warranty: 10 Year

Form Factor: ATX

Connector: 24 Pin

Special: Eco Mode

Structure: Modular

Fan: FDB

Special: AMD Crossfire

The first power supply unit I tried was not good enough to match the capabilities of the RTX 3080 graphics card. After that, I decided to perform deep research on the best PSU for 3080. This research led me to purchase the EVGA 220-G5-0750-X1 80 Plus Gold best PSU for Nvidia 3080. This power supply unit is perfectly designed for this graphics card.

Perfect Wattage for 3080

Nvidia RTX 3080 has become the first choice for pro gamers across the globe. One of the essential requirements for RTX 3080 is a 750-watt power supply. This incredible power supply comes with a 750 watts range that is perfect for 3080. It will convert the current efficiently to DC and provide it to every component per requirement.

80+ Gold Certified PSU

A power supply unit is not responsible for wattage only. It has to deal with power-consuming efficiency as well. This power supply comes with an 80+ efficiency rate that will not only provide an ideal power supply to the graphics card but will also save a lot of power for you.

Specialized Eco Mode

Manufacturers who make power supply unit does not focus only on wattage and efficiency rating. They also come with some extra features that help PSU to run smoothly. This PSU also comes with an eco-mode that makes the unit’s performance quiet. A quiet PSU can make your computer setup the best with RTX 3080.

Modular Cables Structure

The next part about this power supply unit will take you by surprise. Many people are fed up with the extra cables in the PSU. Different cables don’t only consume extra power but also prevent a smooth airflow. Less airflow can make things heat up for graphics cards. This PSU has a modular structure that allows you to attach only the required cables, as all cables are detachable.

  • It comes with recommended power supply for RTX 3080.
  • Eco mode is a unique addition for noiseless operation.
  • This PSU is 80+ Gold certified.
  • This PSU is ready to be attached to AMD Crossfire.
  • It comes with a standard 24-pin connector.
  • The fan-clicking noise is reported in some instances.

Corsair RM750 80+ Gold Certified Best PSU for 3080

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Series: RM

Wattage: 750 Watt

Structure: Modular

Efficiency: 80+ Gold Certified

Fan: 140 mm Rifle

Noise: Low Noise

Capacitor: 105 C

Type: ATX

Connector: 24 Pins

Working: Compact

Special: Microsoft Modern Standby

If you are a pro gamer like me, you should not be wasting your money on every power supply unit. It would help if you did the proper research, and it will become easy for you to get the best pc component. I advised this to one of my friends, and he purchased Corsair RM750 80+ Gold Certified best PSU for 3080. I was impressed by the superior performance of this unit.

Wattage As Per Requirement

RTX 3080 graphics card is known for its superior performance in the gaming field. Its performance depends upon the current it gets from the power supply. This wonderful PSU by Corsair is destined to deliver 750 wattages of current. 750W current is more than enough for the RTX 3080. RTX 3080, if attached with the latest motherboard technology, will not be seeking 750 watts in any scenario. Some extra wattages of this power supply can help in unwanted situations.

Fan Airflow

When a power supply is connected with a high-end graphics card like RTX 3080, it has many other responsibilities to perform. One of the primary duties is to flush out the heated air from the setup. This PSU comes with a high-grade 140 mm rifled fan that is professional in maintaining a good airflow of the heated air.

80+ Gold Certified

The power supply is the first merit for any unit, but the following merit is the efficiency ratio. A good efficiency ratio means the power supply can save power by consuming less electricity. This PSU has the certification to be the 80+ Gold in efficiency ratio. This certification is a must-have thing for RTX 3080 power draw. Also, this ratio helps the graphics card to run smoothly.

Low Noise Operation

Some power supply units can match the merits of the best PSU for 3080, but they cannot provide a low noise operation. This PSU comes with quiet noise and even noiseless operation at certain times. Working on a low or mid-level load can resume his operation to noiseless working.

  • Perfect wattage for RTX 3080.
  • Its compact style unit is easy to install.
  • The modular cable’s structure is a plus.
  • Its efficiency rate will save you power.
  • Modern standby works with a limited type of component only.

ASUS ROG Strix 750 80 Plus Gold Best PSU for 3080 Strix

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Wattage: 750

Structure: Fully Modular

Warranty: 10 Years

Type: ATX

Efficiency: 80+ Gold

Capacitors: Japanese

Fan: Axial Tech

Connector: 24/20 Pins

Fan: Dustproof

Heatsink: Integrated ROG

RTX 3080 has won the heart of many with its superior performance. It is not just about RTX 3080 original version as Rog Strix came up with a related version, GeForce 3080 Rog Strix. This GPU has almost the exact requirements of RTX 3080. Finding ASUS ROG Strix 750 80 Plus Gold best PSU for 3080 Strix, was not challenging. It comes with multiple high-end features in it.

Super Cooling Technology

This power supply unit has many features other than the basis wattage requirement. For example, it comes with specially integrated Rog heatsink technology that will flow out any heat air. An axial tech fan has been added to it for a better heatsink experience. Its axial tech fans technology is famous in the market.

Perfect Wattage for 3080

Nvidia 3080 and 3080 Strix is deadly competition around the globe. To make your computer perfect for gaming, a good 750-watt PSU is required. 750-watt wattage is the merit, so here is the Rog Strix PSU to win your heart. It will provide 750-watt AC and convert it to DC per the component’s requirement. This wattage rate makes it the best PSU for 3080 Strix.

80+ Gold Certified

You might think about extra power consumption because it has multiple high-end features. This is not the case because it comes with a certification of 80 plus Gold. This certification is evidence that it consumes less energy. 80+ gold certification is necessary for the best PSU for 3080.

Dustproof Technology

Most people are not aware of the facts about PSU. Some technical people also have basic computer knowledge like rams, hard, GPU and motherboard. A PSU can be an issue if it is not cleaned correctly. So, this PSU comes with a dustproof certification of IPS5. This feature will keep dust off from the fan for better airflow.

  • A 750-watt PSU is more than enough for RTX 3080.
  • It can provide a super cooling experience.
  • It has a fully modular cable structure.
  • Protection is given for ten years.
  • A bit rough to install in a tower case.

ASUS ROG STRIX Best 1000w PSU for 3080

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Wattage: 1000W

Fan: Axial Tech

Structure: Fully Modular

Warranty: 10 Years

Efficiency: 80 Plus Gold

Size: 6.3 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches

Cooling: ROG Heatsinks

Capacitors: Japanese

Ball Bearing: Dual

Sometimes, you need to think out of the box to have the best experience. Our friends are always ready to challenge the traditions of the gaming world. So, this time we decided to use extra wattage for RTX 3080. We used the ASUS ROG STRIX best 1000w PSU for 3080. It covers all aspects of being the best GTX 3080 power supply,

Extra Wattage Experience

We all know that 750 watts are the recommended power supply for RTX 3080. Yet we used this 1000-watt power supply for it. It worked smoothly. A 1000w will give you the same result in a standard setup. It will not consume much power, but it is recommended if high wattage is required.

Modular PSU

This power supply unit has more wattage than any other unit on this list, yet it comes with all high-end features to maintain smooth working. It has multiple cables that can be attached if required because they are modular. It helps to give more free space to the fan for adequate airflow.

80+ Gold Certified

This PSU comes with 250 wattages of extra power that might make you aware of overconsumption. It would help if you cleared your mind immediately because this is not the case. This 1000w power supply has the certification of 80+ gold efficiency rate. It will not consume any extra power from your power source.

Axial Tech Fan

This power supply unit comes with many high-end features, which is why it got the certification of 80+ Gold. One of these features is a particular Axial tech fan that will throw out any hot air in the system. It also has a dual ball bearing that ensures the smooth work of fans for a long time as per requirement.

  • Perfect Japanese capacitors are installed in it.
  • It comes with ten years of warranty.
  • Its fans have dual ball bearing for improved working.
  • We can install a compact-sized PSU easily.
  • 1000 watts can be extra if you don’t need any different wattage.

EVGA SuperNOVA 750W P2 Good PSU for 3080

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Series: SuperNOVA

Wattage: 750W

Structure: Fully Modular

Special: Eco Mode

Warranty: 10 Years

Efficiency: 80+ Platinum

Type: ATX

Capacitors: Japanese

Connector: 24 Pins

Fan: 140 MM

One of my friends had his computer set up freezing again and again. I advised him to get PSU checked. He gets his PSU replaced by a unique power supply. He bought EVGA SuperNOVA 750W P2 good PSU for 3080. This unit is a bit expensive compared to others, but its features justify its price. It comes with many high-end features that are not primarily seen.

Wattage as per 3080

One of the most important things to watch in any power supply is its wattage. A power supply unit is installed to perform the demanding job effortlessly. This power supply unit is one of the most satisfactory RTX 3080 power supplies. It will convert the AC to 750-watt DC as it is the main requirement of 3080. Also, components need DC, so it becomes an essential duty for PSU.

80+ Platinum Efficient

The efficiency ratio of any power supply describes how much electricity will be used and how much will be saved. This PSU comes with an 80+ platinum ratio not seen in many units of this category. It will keep the maximum power for you. It becomes expensive, but this PSU will save much money with low power consumption on bills.

Long Term Protection

Many PC components are hesitant to give a warranty on their performance. This PSU has won this competition as users will feel comfortable with it. It provides a 10-year warranty for this protection. It will protect you from multiple short circuits and overheating incidents for the next ten years.

Fully Modular Edition

The SuperNOVA edition by the manufacturer has some incredible features. It will not disturb you in case of extra cables because it has fully modular, detachable cables. The modular effect also helps to improve airflow. It comes with an eco-mode that is more futuristic than other products.

  • 80+ Platinum efficiency is the best in the market.
  • Manufacturer gives 10-year warranty for its performance.
  • It comes with basic ATX 24-pin connectors.
  • It becomes a bit expensive as compared to the others.

Corsair RM850x 80+ GOLD Best PSU for 3080

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Series: RMX

Wattage: 850 Watt

Efficiency: 80+ Gold

Structure: Fully Modular

Type: ATX

Size: 6.3 x 5.91 x 3.39 Inches

Connector: EPS12V

Fan: 135 MM

Noise: Low Noise

Capacitors: Japanese

Special: Modern Standby

Warranty: 10 Years

Current: LLC Topology

Every time I have used the exact amount of wattage required for the RTX 3080. This time, I decided to make a change. So, I bought this Corsair RM850x 80+ GOLD best PSU for 3080. This RMx series by Corsair is one of the most dependable series in the market. This power supply unit has made me love its superior performance.

Extra Wattage is Bonus

I am very clear about the requirement of RTX 3080, which is 750 watts. Some people who play high-end games and want to develop a different powered computer like to have 850-watt PSU. So, this PSU is perfect for this kind of people as the extra 100 wattages can be used in an emergency or in case, we are unsure about the calculations.

Gold Certified Efficiency

You might think that extra wattage can lead to a current loss in certain conditions, or it might increase power consumption. That is not the case because this masterly designed PSU has an 80+ efficiency rate. It has an 80+ gold ratio in every other best PSU for 3080.

Long Warranty

A power supply unit is an underdog in any computer. Most people don’t know a thing about their performance or technology. A remarkable thing about PSU is not found in any other component. It is a ten-year extended warranty. You can be at ease after purchasing this wonderful PSU for at least ten years.

Cooling Feature

A power supply unit primarily needs to convert the current to DC for the components. There is one more duty it performs. You must have seen that every PSU comes with a fan, which means it is also responsible for maintaining airflow. This PSU has a 135 mm fan that keeps everything smooth.

  • It comes with industrial-grade Japanese capacitors.
  • It offers a healthy range of wattage in any PSU.
  • This PSU is protected for at least ten years.
  • A unique feature of LLC topology has been introduced in this unit.
  • Modern standby features cannot work with all types of motherboards.

MSI MPG A850GF Gaming RTX 3080 Power Supply

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Series: A850GF

Wattage: 850 Watts

Efficiency: 80+ Gold

Structure: Full Modular

Type: ATX

Size: Compact

Cables: Flat

Capacitors: Japanese

Terminals: Alloy Copper

One of my friends has been using RTX 3080 graphics card since its launch. One day, I asked him what components he used with 3080. He told me about PSU, which works smoothly with 3080. For a high-end gaming experience, he has been using MSI MPG A850GF Gaming RTX 3080 power supply. This power supply has all the essential features that make it a good PSU for 3080.

Wattage is Plus

RTX 3080 power draw is one of the only concerns for every power supply unit. According to Nvidia, the power supply needed for 3080 is 750 watts only. This PSU comes with 850 watts of power, which gives 100 watts extra. These 100 watts can cover the gaps created due to old types of motherboards and other components.

Japanese Capacitors

Filter ripple is a term used to describe the duties of capacitors in any PSU. Capacitors are responsible for making voltage travel smooth and graceful. For that purpose, this expert PSU comes with 105 C Japanese capacitors. These capacitors aim to provide the best gaming experience to users.

Compact Styled Unit

If I travel back a decade, companies did not develop power supply units much. They used to look quite rough, with many extra cables blocking the way of airflow. Also, they were very hard to be installed on a PC. This PSU has made things easier as it comes with a 140 mm x 160 mm size that is perfect for installation.

Fully Modular

A PSU can win the heart of many if it comes with a modular structure. Modular means this PSU has detachable cables. I can apply only those cables that are required. Extra unused wires will not be blocking the way of airflow anymore. This feature makes a PSU fully modular and easy to use as well.

  • Extra wattage can cover the miscalculations.
  • Flat cables are added for convenient installation.
  • This PSU is fully modular in structure.
  • It comes with 105 C Japanese capacitors.
  • It is overweight as compared to others in this category.

Seasonic Prime TX-750 80+ Titanium Best PSU for Nvidia 3080

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Wattage: 750w

Structure: Fully Modular

Efficiency: 80+ Titanium

Warranty: 12 Year

Noise: Silent

Weight: 4.17 Lbs

Form Factor: ATX12V

Size: 6.7 x 6 x 3.4 inches

Fan: Hybrid Control

I have followed different gaming celebrities on social media. I watch their videos regularly to learn more skills about PC components. One of them posted a video about the best PSU for 3080. I watched the video where he told us about Seasonic Prime TX-75o 80+ Titanium best PSU for Nvidia 3080. This power supply is part of luxury PSUs in the market because it has some mind-blowing features.

Perfect Wattage for 3080

RTX 3080 is one of the most acceptable graphics cards in the market nowadays. Of many reasons behind its success, one is its meager requirements. It can work smoothly with any sort of 750-watt power supply unit. This PSU has everything it takes to be the best for Nvidia 3080. This PSU will provide smooth 750w of DC to all components.

Form Factor we all Need

If I talk about the essentials of a gaming pc, the form factor of the power supply is significant. This PSU has a standard form factor that is ATX12V. It means it will run 12V on rails, and it fits in almost every type of computer with ease and grace. ATX technology is the standard technology in everything.

Long Term Protection

You have seen a long list of power supply units, and everyone has ten years warranty. This PSU won the race by providing 12 years of protection under contract. Its performance and core functions are protected for the next 12 years, and you should not worry about them anymore.

Fully Modular

This PSU is part of some luxury items in the market. Its luxurious features include 80+ titanium efficiency, which is not found in any other PSU. It also comes with a modular structure which means it will provide a smooth operation for installation with detachable cables.

  • 80+ Titanium certification is a plus.
  • It comes in an innovative and compact size.
  • This PSU has two modes of hybrid fan functions.
  • It offers a 12-year extended warranty.
  • This PSU is expensive as compared to other units on the list.

Nvidia 3080 RTX graphics card is the first choice of pro gamers nowadays. The main reason behind its success is the good supportive features for the components. Many still can be difficult to adjust this graphics card on a PC. It requires an excellent PSU partner as well. I have listed these buying guides to choose the best PSU for 3080. They will help you to have a good PSU for 3080.

Perfect Wattage PSU

When you purchase any RTX 3080 power supply, you must have in mind the recommended power supply for RTX 3080. Nvidia says a 750-watt PSU is more than enough for this graphics card. If you have an old PC with an ancient type of Mobo and components, you can also try a bit extra power supply of 850W or 1000w.

Modular Cabling System

PSUs now have modular technology in the cable structure. That means the cables are detachable. We can only use the wires we need. In setup, it leaves the space empty.

Efficiency Ratio

After wattage, the next important part is the efficiency ratio to have at least 80+ gold power supply as it can save a lot of power. This certification will result in low power bills. Some more categories are also available in the market, such as 80+ titanium.

Warranty Provision

Power supply units are unlike other components of PC with no warranty. Most PSUs come with ten years of protection from overloading or overvoltage issues. Some of them also offer 12 years of warranty. We should check these things before purchasing any PSU.

Product Recommendation
A power supply unit is a computer component people don’t know about. So, they prefer someone to give them the recommendation to purchase a specific model. If I talk about the recommended power supply for RTX 3080, I will call Seasonic Prime TX-75o 80+ Titanium best PSU for Nvidia 3080. Although it is a bit expensive, it has multiple luxuries features not found in any other PSU.
What is the minimum power supply for RTX 3080?

Nvidia says that the minimum power supply for RTX 3080 is 750 watts. Anything less than that is not going to work with 3080. Anything more than 750 watts can work with 3080, but only if required. A suggested power supply is 750w only.

What happens if PSU is too weak?

A power supply unit is responsible for providing a DC to all PC components. If PSU is undervalued or it is not working rightly. It can work in different issues, such as system freezing, crashing the system, and many more.

What is the best SFX PSU for 3080?

SFX power supplies are special editions of any PSU. They can provide many high-end features to the system with ease. Cooler Master V750 SFX is one of the market’s finest SFX PSUs for RTX 3080.

How do I know if my PSU is not enough?

The power supply unit is a savior of computers as it provides DC to every PC component. If your computer is crashing, freezing, or making unwanted fan noise, your PSU is not good enough to run the setup.

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