8 Best PSU for Mining the Cryptocurrency In 2023

Multiple inventions in the history of human beings have left the world in shock. I can mention many innovations that people were unable to believe of existence. One of those inventions is cryptocurrency. No one in the past could have ever imagined processing a digital currency, which is too expensive. Bitcoin is the latest time it has crossed the value of 20000 USD. This development has made many people billionaires in no time. Bitcoins come from a background process that is called crypto mining. Mining is a time-consuming approach done by software and computer experts on some high-end computers to keep cryptocurrency safe and sound. Mining crypto depends a lot on the power of your computer. It requires some great graphics card at the same time.

Not just graphics cards, mining requires many other high-end components to come together to make the best computer. We require a mind-blowing power supply system with several high-quality graphics cards and features in our computer. To find the best PSU for mining, you need in-depth knowledge of the power can computer. Because providing a smooth DC to all high-end components in your computer is not an easy job to do. Negligence in deciding the best PSU for mining can lead to freezing and crashing of the system. Crashing of the system during mining can cause severe damage to many. So, our article is focused on providing you with the best PSU for mining digital currency.

8 Best Power Supply for Mining 2023

As we all know, mining is a long and technical process carried out by experts on specially built PC. To give you the best experience with mining power supply, I have listed eight top-tier products that are available across the globe. The power supply is a most underrated component in the eye of regular users. But it can do wonders for deciding with due diligence.

A mining power supply can have many high-end features simultaneously, but the essential elements are wattage, efficiency, and rail voltages. To deal with all these features and get the best PSU for mining, read our article till the end, as it will give you many surprises.

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Seasonic FOCUS GX-1000 80+ Gold Best PSU for Mining

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Wattage: 1000W

Efficiency: 80+ Gold

Structure: Fully Modular

Form Factor: ATX 12V

Size: 140 MM Deep

Fan: Hybrid

Modes: S2FC and S3FC

Warranty: 10 Year

The first PSU on our list is counted as one of the finest PSUs in the market. The main reason behind its success is its robust build quality. Not just the cables, the fan is also made of solid quality. I have tried this PSU for mining purposes. Seasonic FOCUS GX-1000 80+ Gold best PSU for mining will provide smooth DC to all the high-end components.

Wattage is Perfect

If I talk about mining, it requires all computer components to be high-tech in their working operation. This PSU comes with a 1000w power supply that is more than enough for any computer. Also, its 1000-watt power supply will work as smoothly and eco-friendly as it comes with the high build quality.

Gold Certification

Every power supply tries its best to provide smooth DC to all the components. In this effort, they usually consume too much power while converting the AC to DC. This PSU comes with an 80+ efficiency ratio and gold certification. 80+ Gold efficiency means it will not consume extra energy in any load.

Cooling Setup

All types of power supply units come with a fan as it is mandatory to throw away the hot air from the system. This setup also helps the PSU to maintain a smooth operation. This PSU comes with two fan handling modes: S2FC and S3FC. These modes provide you with enough control over your system while mining crypto.

Long Term Protection

Mining is a time taking process that requires a consistently smooth power supply. Many companies can claim this performance, but only a few can handle it. This PSU comes with ten years of warranty. It means you should not worry about its superior performance for the next ten years.

  • 80+ Gold certified efficiency ratio makes it best.
  • Complete control of the hybrid fan system.
  • A fully modular cable setup is added.
  • It comes in a compact 144 mm size.
  • Platinum certification is better for mining as compared to Gold.

ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W Best Power Supply Unit for Mining

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Wattage: 1000W

Fan: Axial tech

Mode: 0db

Heatsink: ROG

Ball Bearings: Dual

Structure: Fully Modular

Warranty: 10 Year

Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches

One of my friends started crypto mining by getting inspiration from many high-end successful miners. He was setting up a particular computer setup for this purpose. I told him that mining is not easy as it requires a consistent working and power supply. He told me he is fully prepared as he has installed ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W best power supply unit for mining. Its high-end performance impressed me a lot.

Wattage Matters the Most

Whenever I talk about mining, PSU is going to come to our mind. A good mining power supply must come with at least 1000w of wattage as it needs to run many high-end components. This PSU has also been introduced with a 1000W power supply system to give it a smooth performance.

ROG Heatsinks

A power supply system faces the issue of overheating all the time. Especially a mining power supply has to work on a consistent basis as it is not an easy task to do. Many PSUs come with cooling technologies to make them work smoothly. ASUS Rog Strix has also launched this unit with multiple uniquely build heatsink features. One central heatsink technology in this PSU is axial tech fans technology.

Modular Setup

A power supply system is responsible for managing a DC and supplying it to all the components. Power is provided through cables to every element. This PSU comes with a unique setup called modular setup in which detachable cables are provided. This feature prevents the system from looking messy.

Long Term Warranty

All mining experts know that their systems don’t work long-term. Overuse of anything can lead to a crash. This PSU has been specially designed to work for a long time. It is protected for the next ten years with an official warranty.

  • Axial tech fan is a unique addition.
  • Fully modular cables provide space for airflow.
  • Zero db fan mode is suitable for seamless operation.
  • A 10-year warranty is a plus point.
  • Dual ball bearing means double working capacity.
  • This PSU is not designed for more than six graphics cards.

NZXT C1000 Best Power Supply for Crypto Mining

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Wattage: 1000w

Efficiency: 80+ Gold

Structure: Modular

Cables: Sleeved

Form Factor: ATX

Working: Optimized

Fan: High Grade

My hunt to find the best PSU for mining is full of ups and downs. One cannot find gold without going through hard times. I experienced many failures until I got my NZXT C1000 best power supply for crypto mining. This excellent power supply unit has unique features that make it a perfect fit for crypto mining.

Fully Modular PSU

A modular unit is nothing more than a gift for a crypto miner. A person mining knows how much time It takes to perform minor tasks in mining. This PSU comes with all features to make it the best fit for mining. Modular cables are one of those features that keep the system intact. Modular setup allows only the required cables as all of these cables are detachable.

Sleeved Cables Setup

Heating cables are one of the major concerns for any mining power supply system. An increase in the power supply unit’s overall temperature can also damage the wires. To tackle this issue, the manufacturer has introduced sleeved cables in this unit. Lines with sleeves on them will remain calm no matter the temperature.

Perfect Wattage for Mining

Wattage is the most crucial part of every PSU. This PSU comes with 1000w power, which is mining-friendly wattage. Mining computers have high-end components and multiple graphics cards in them. So, a good mining power supply must come with at least a 1000w setup. This wattage decreases the chances of freezing the computer.

ATX Form Factor

After wattage, a form factor is an essential feature for any PSU. Different form factors are available in the market, but ATX remains the best in all of them. The main reason behind its success is that it can provide an additional 3.3 voltage on rails in an emergency. That prevents the crashing of the system.

  • Sleeved cables are a plus point.
  • It offers a perfect wattage for mining power supply.
  • It carries high-grade fan technology.
  • This PSU has an ATX form factor.
  • Platinum certification is better for mining power supply as compared to gold.

Corsair HX Series HX1200 Best Power Supply for Bitcoin Mining

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Wattage: 1200W

Structure: Modular

Efficiency: 80+ Platinum Certified

Dimensions: 5.9 x 7.9 x 3.39 inches

Fan: 135 mm

Special: Rail Switch

Warranty: 10 Years

Weight: 5.08 Lbs

My elder brother is an expert in cryptocurrency and computer parts. I asked him about an ideal power supply for the mining computer setup. He mentioned Corsair HX Series, HX1200’s best power supply for bitcoin mining. When I watched its features, I was impressed in the first instance. Its efficiency ratio is the best than any other.

80+ Platinum Perfect Ratio

Its efficiency ratio makes it the best power supply for crypto mining. The efficiency ratio is calculated by checking the balance of power consumption with different load ratios on the system. Thanks to Corsair, this PSU comes with 80+ platinum certifications. It can easily maintain efficiency of 90% at a typical load. If we talk about 100% load, this excellent platinum power supply will give 89% efficiency. It means no power loss in complete load as well.

Compact Styled PSU

A PSU cannot work fine if it is not built compactly. This power supply has many light features that make it perfect for any mining computer. It has 5.9 x 7.9 x 3.39 inches, which is suitable for any standard system. Also, it has a weight of 5.08 Lbs that is too light to be adjusted in a system. A compact style makes it perfect for mining computers.

Perfect Power Ratio

The most crucial thing in any power supply unit is its wattage. Especially for a mining computer, 1200-watt power is necessary to have a smooth experience. So, this power supply comes with perfect wattage of 1200. A mining computer works for a long time consistently, so the power wattage should be smooth every time.

Modular Structure

If we go a decade back, the power supply units were very messy due to too many cables. Nowadays, suitable power supply units come with a modular structure. This PSU is also modular as it comes with detachable cables. Detachable cables mean we will keep away the extra wires that we don’t need. It will help with better airflow as well.

  • 80+ platinum efficiency is a big thing.
  • A compact-styled PSU is always suitable.
  • It has perfect wattage for crypto mining.
  • A modular cable system is added to it.
  • Fan technology is not noiseless.

Be quiet! Straight Power 11 1200W Best Power Supply for Mining Rigs

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Wattage: 1200W

Dimensions: 13 x 9.75 x 4 inches

Fan: 135 mm

Efficiency: 80+ Platinum

Fan Shape: Funnel Shaped

Structure: Modular

Fan Tech: Silent Wings 3

Capacitors: Japanese 105 C

I have used different computer setups for mining. Other computers have various components that give them different performances each time. The power supply is the main element to befitting performance in any mining compute. In my list of computers, one of the best was be quiet! Straight Power 11 1200W best power supply for mining rigs. Its features were as unique as its name.

High-end Cooling Technology

Cooling technology is the key to being a successful mining power supply unit. This PSU comes with incredible fan cooling technology. A unique funnel-shaped fan is added to it that gives it an edge over others. Also, the fan is Silent Wings 3 in the structure that will not make any noise, and this technology will help it to maintain excellent airflow.

Japanese Capacitors

I cannot ignore the role of capacitors in any power supply unit. Capacitors are meant to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Only those capacitors can do these jobs that are made of robust material. For example, this fantastic power supply unit has Japanese 105 C capacitors masterly designed to do all jobs in complex situations.

Power Wattage

No matter how many features are discussed and added to the power supply units across the globe, its wattage remains number one. To be the best PSU for mining rigs, one must have at least 1000w of power. This PSU can provide 1200 wattage to the system. Also, it can efficiently convert the AC into DC for all components.

Platinum Certified

This PSU is going to make everyone quiet with its high-end features. After different top-tier parts, it does not leave out the importance of the efficiency ratio. This PSU is 80+ platinum certified, which makes it the finest choice for mining rigs. 80+ platinum units can easily maintain efficiency of 92% at a load of 50%. It can also add a power factor up to 0.95.

  • A noiseless fan technology is added to it.
  • This PSU has the most acceptable efficiency on the list.
  • Japanese capacitors are always a plus.
  • Perfect wattage of 1200w for mining rigs.
  • Be Quiet is not a brand in the market compared to other big brands.

Corsair AX1600i Best Power Supply for Mining 6 GPU     

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Wattage: 1600w

Efficiency: 80+ Titanium

Structure: Fully Modular

Form Factor: ATX

Noise: Ultra Low Ripple

Special: Link Software

Transistors: PFC Gallium Nitride

Dimensions: 7.87 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches

No matter how many brands will join the market of the best PSU for mining, I cannot leave out Corsair in any category. When I talk about mining power supply units, I mention the 1200w version of Corsair, but this time it’s even more significant. I have used this Corsair AX1600i best power supply for mining 6 GPU as it has immense power and efficiency.

Suitable Form Factor

I should not forget the features that make any power supply unit suitable to adjust. The form factor is of significance for the best PSU for mining. This power supply unit comes with an ATX form factor. This ATX form factor has 7.87 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches, perfect for any mining computer setup.

Exceptional Efficiency Ratio

An efficiency test of any PSU is the biggest test for it. Many power supply units fail to provide a good piece of efficiency with healthy wattage of 1600w. This PSU comes with an exceptional efficiency ratio with 80+ titanium certification. It can easily manage the ratio of 90% at 100% load. These stats will be unbelievable for you, but it delivers that perfectly.

Some Unique Features

This PSU does not come with incredible basic features, and it also comes with unique features in it. Special features mean it has Corsair link software that keeps sharing the stats with us. Also, it allows us more control over the working operation of PSU. This PSU can manage 6 GPUs in the same system, but it will produce Ultra Low Ripple noise in any scenario, which makes it very special.

Perfect for Multiple GPUs

A mining computer system is nothing if it does not have multiple GPUs. Multiple graphics card means it requires a lot of consistent power. This PSU is the perfect choice as it has a capacity of 1600 watts. This 1600 watts meeting with titanium ratio will quickly make it the best power supply for mining 6 GPU.

  • It produces low noise in overloading as well.
  • Titanium efficiency is the boss.
  • Super cooling fan technology.
  • Corsair adds a unique link software feature.
  • It is costly as compared to others in the 1600w range.

EVGA Supernova 1600 P+ Best Power Supply for Mining Ethereum 

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Wattage: 1600W

Efficiency: 80+ Platinum

Structure: Fully Modular

Form Factor: ATX

Capacitors: Japanese

Fan: Double Ball Bearing

Operation: ECO

Warranty: 10 Years

Like every field, there are classes of crypto miners as well. Some crypto miners are the most talented and extreme workers. They like to have a hardcore system with them. So, I am going to list some extremely powered setups now. I have never used a savage PSU like EVGA Supernova 1600 P+ best power supply for mining Ethereum. Not just Ethereum, it can mine any crypto in this world.

Perfect Wattage for Pros

As I mentioned, there are pro-people in every field. They like to have an incredible setup of mining. This PSU is made for all those pro miners as it can provide the 1600 wattage quickly. Its smooth and consistent power supply setup is good enough to perform the mining of Ethereum in any scenario.

Modular Structure

A hardcore computer setup works for a long time without any break. So, it can get heated up as well. A modular design can prevent the heating of these PSUs. This PSU is also modular as it comes with detachable cables. Detachable cables don’t take up extra space in the system, which helps to have better airflow.

10 Years Protection

Whenever I purchase any pc component, I don’t try to have cheap items because they don’t come with any protection. This PSU is secured for the next ten years with a limited warranty. That means it will deliver that mandatory if it claims to be the best. Otherwise, a warranty is of no use for the users.

Eco-Friendly Operation

This PSU comes with an eco-friendly fan that will not make any noise in case of overload or overheating. Also, it has been installed with a double ball bearing. Dual ball bearings will increase the lifespan of the fan and PSU. These features make it the perfect choice for mining Ethereum, as it can work nonstop.

  • Extremely powered supply system.
  • Eco-friendly operation is a plus.
  • It passes the efficiency ratio to a new level.
  • Japanese capacitors make it trustworthy.
  • It comes under warranty for the next ten years.
  • It requires an expert miner to be a perfect match.

Bomeiqee 2000W Best Power Supply for ASUS B250 Mining Expert

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Wattage: 1800W

Fan: 140 mm

Fan Speed: 2300 RPM

GPU Limit: 8

Connectors: 24 Pin

Voltage: 110V-240V

Efficiency: 93%

ASUS has introduced the first-ever mining motherboard in the history of computers. A b250 motherboard can do wonders for mining experts. This motherboard is part of the hardcore category as it requires a lot of consistent power supply. So, I used Bomeiqee 2000W best power supply for the ASUS b250 mining expert motherboard.

High Wattage Experience

A motherboard plays a vital role in complete setup. A high-end motherboard like b250 requires a consistent power supply. It cannot work anything less than 1600 watts. This PSU comes with 1800-2000 watts of power. A high wattage experience can make incredible results for a mining motherboard.

Expert Fan Cooling

Multiple power supply units come with different types of cooling setups. A high-wattage motherboard always faces an issue of overheating. So, this fantastic unit has been launched with an expert fan cooling setup. A large fan of 140 mm can provide the best airflow. Also, this fan is talented at working at a higher pace of 2300 rpm. You won’t believe that a fan with this high speed cannot produce any noise.

High-Efficiency Ratio

A mining expert motherboard will not give any break to the power supply unit. So, a PSU must have a high-efficiency ratio to avoid high power bills. This great PSU has an efficiency ratio of 93% on regular load. That will not consume any extra power, even working for a long time without any break.

Modular Cable Setup

A modular cable setup is required in every type of PSU. Especially if I talk about a high voltage unit, it needs space for better airflow. This PSU comes with detachable cables. Also, it provides 24-pin connectors for better placement as well. Detachable cables are best for any power supply unit.

  • It gives a perfect wattage and voltage for b250.
  • It provides a healthy efficiency ratio.
  • A large fan with 2300 RPM speed is a plus.
  • Its manual is a bit hard to understand for the first time.

Buying Guide for the Best Power Supply for Mining 2023

The computer consists of multiple components, and it depends on all of them. In all those components, the role of the power supply unit cannot be ignored, especially for a mining setup. You must check some of its features beforehand to decide on the best PSU for mining. I have gathered some helpful buying guides for a better design.

Power Wattage

A power supply depends a lot on its wattage. If you need a high-end PSU for mining experience, you must have at least 1200 watts of power. Also, try to have Japanese capacitors as they can do multiple tasks for you in overheating.

Modular Cables

Mining digital currency is a tough job that requires consistency. Consistent use of the system can make It overheat. Try to have a power supply unit with a modular cable setup. Well-arranged and detachable cables can provide space for cooling setup.

Efficiency Ratio

we can deal with a standard load of power supply unit with 80+ gold certification. A mining role is challenging for any computer across the globe. This role requires a higher efficiency as compared to 80+ gold. Try to have a better ratio of titanium certification for the top-tier experience.

Noiseless Fans

Many top-tier mining power supply units face a significant issue: noise from fans. Because mining computers work for a long time, they cannot maintain their silent operation mostly. Try to get a PSU with unique technology that can consistently support a noiseless operation.

Multiple GPUS

A mining computer always works with more than 1 GPU at a time. Try to have a PSU that can support multiple PCL express slots as it is required to connect more graphics cards for mining. 6 and 8 graphics cards are regular in mining computers.

Product Recommendation
Getting the best PSU for mining is not a tough job anymore. After discussing different buying guides, you may have an idea what are the features required for a good mining power supply unit. To make things easier, I recommended you purchase Corsair AX1600i best power supply for mining 6 GPU, as this PSU is expert to cover all sorts of needs of mining experts. Also, it comes with an 80+ Titanium efficiency ratio that is perfect for this job.
How big of a power supply do I need for mining?

The best power supply for mining rigs at least has a 1600 wattage of consistent power. Also, it should come with higher efficiency ratio and modular cables. These are the features required for mining rigs’ power supply.

Does PSU matter for mining?

A high-end Power supply unit is a must-have thing in any mining computer. Mining setups require a consistent and smooth wattage for multiple graphics cards. Otherwise, your system can crash.

How do I choose a power supply for a mining rig?

A power supply for mining should have double wattage as required by your mining rigs. Evaluating your mining rig before ordering any power supply unit is possible.

How much power does a 12 GPU mining rig use?

Mining computers are all about multiple graphics cards in them. You must have at least 1200w of power in your PSU to get the most out of it. Anything less than that can lead to freezing and crashing the whole setup again and again.

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