How to Fix CPU Fan Not Spinning? 7 Quick Ways to Fix it

Hardware on a computer will always get warm. Depending on how you use it, it will heat up; for instance. Fans are installed in the chassis to prevent the system from being ruined by heat. They turn on if the system gets too hot and trigger by rising temperatures. The CPU fan aids in keeping it cool.

It often works in concert with the heatsink by releasing the heat that the CPU heatsink absorbs from the processor. I advise you to check that the CPU fan is functioning correctly to prevent any performance-related problems that could cause your computer to become sluggish.

One of the most frequent issues computer professionals encounter daily is the AMD CPU fan not spinning. Although the issue appears simple, it is not. This article will explain how to resolve the CPU fan not spinning issue and why is my CPU fan not spinning.

Why is My CPU Fan Not Working?

Several factors could have caused your computer fan stopped spinning:

Why is My CPU Fan Not Working
  • A problem with the CPU fan is one of the most frequent issues users encounter with their computer. When it malfunctions, the processor in charge of keeping the computer’s processor cool might overheat and harm or even destroy it.  Your CPU fan could cease functioning for several reasons, some of which are simpler to resolve than others.
  • A CPU fan stopping functioning due to clogging with dust or other debris is another frequent cause of this problem. As the fan blows air through the cooler, this may develop over time. If that’s the issue, pressurized air from a can generally clear it out. Holding the can upright will ensure that the air enters the fan, not your computer.
  • The heat sink will lose its ability to dissipate heat if the fan failing is true. Another possibility is that the fan’s wiring or a shoddy electrical power source is to blame. Due to their low energy, wires are frequently to blame for clogged blades. It leads to the problem that wire fans have a very modest torque.

Methods to Fix CPU Fan Not Spinning

You can attempt the following fixes to fix the CPU cooler and the system fan.

Methods to Fix CPU Fan Not Spinning

1)  Examine the CPU Fan Connection

2)  Check BIOS

Suppose your CPU fan stops spinning after a few seconds. You can enter the BIOS to see if the motherboard recognizes the fan or if the CPU case and CPU fan still don’t respond after reconnecting. All the information about the hardware attached to your motherboard must store in your BIOS. Let’s begin with the procedure of fixing the CPU fan not spinning no display:

To see if the motherboard recognizes the CPU and the system fan, perform this procedures. To enter the BIOS at startup, repeatedly press the BIOS key. The BIOS key could be any function or Delete key, depending on the laptop.

3)  Reset BIOS

You can try resetting your BIOS if specific hardware is not showing by it. The BIOS is reset, restoring all settings to their initial positions. Additionally, no OS data will delete if the BIOS resets. Therefore, you do not need to worry that the reset will delete private data and folders.

4)  Clear the Fan of Dust

Clear the Fan of Dust

A system will ultimately start to gather dust if it is left idle for a long time. If you haven’t cleaned your computer in a while, dust may have accumulated on it, or the CPU fans may obstruct airflow. Your fan’s RPM will consequently decrease as a result.

5)  Smear Grease on the Fan Bearing

A small bearing in the center of the fan rotates the entire fan blade. Due to dust or friction, this bearing will slacken or stop spinning in the worst-case scenario. Any friction on this bearing can reduce by applying a few drops of mechanical oil. The fan will also spin much more smoothly.

6)  Change the CPU Fan

The fan itself might be defective if none of the other fixes work. Remove the non-spinning fan in this situation and install a new one.

7)  Check Power Supply

The cause of your CPU and system fan not spinning is a power source not providing enough energy. For the system to operate correctly, your PSU must produce enough power. Your hardware component might not function appropriately if the CPU fan not spinning on startup:

Consider switching to a new PSU that can power all of your hardware components. An ineffective power supply unit may also cause your fans to stop spinning. Any power supply unit will give your system less power after extended use. You must replace the entire PSU if that is the case.

To verify the system’s power supply, follow these procedures.

  • To enter the BIOS, repeatedly press the BIOS key.
  • Find the PC Health Status setting by navigating the BIOS.
  • Here, you can see the system’s current voltage as well as the required voltage.

How to Fix a Computer Fan that Won’t Spin Manually?

How to Fix a Computer Fan that Won’t Spin Manually

If your CPU overheats, it might be because the CPU fan not spinning new build. Follow these manual methods if you don’t know how to turn on pc fans:

  • Your computer should start or restart.
  • While your computer is starting up, hold down the proper key and press the appropriate key to access the BIOS menu.
  • Find the section titled fan settings.
  • Select the intelligent fan option if you can find it.
  • Save Settings and Exit should be chosen.
Why Does The 511 CPU Fan Not Detected?

The 511 CPU fan not detected error denotes that the CPU cooling fan is disconnected or CPU fan not spinning no boot. It could also physically break, which would cause the mistake. To solve the issue, you will need to have it fixed or replaced.

Why Do All My Fans Won’t Spin On My Pc?

Keep in mind that the CPU fan will cease spinning when the CPU temperature is low, or you are not running any power-hungry apps. Cooling is necessary for your computer to operate at its best.

Are All My PC Fans Supposed To Spin?

It should be spinning smoothly and silently if everything is operating as it should. Additionally, routine system diagnostics and checks on your system can reveal the condition of most of your PC’s components, including the CPU fan.

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