How to Get to BIOS setting on MSI Motherboard?

The brand MSI is well-known in the motherboard industry. They provide a wide range of goods, including desktops, laptops, high-end graphics cards, motherboards, and monitors. Among gamers, the MSI Motherboard is well-known. It boasts excellent build quality and top-notch performance.

Your computer’s boot process is under the control of the MSI motherboard BIOS. The BIOS controlling unit will check for the CPU, RAM, power, and other device attachments such as the mouse, keyboard, printer, and joysticks during the POST procedure.

The first thing you should check is the BIOS Settings on your computer when the system fails to boot into the Windows OS or when the BIOS cannot recognize the boot drive and your machine cannot POST. So you can ensure that every device is connected correctly and that there are no hardware issues. In this article, I will go through information about how to get into BIOS on MSI motherboard.

The BIOS Settings on an MSI Motherboard

The BIOS Settings on an MSI Motherboard

The MSI BIOS settings can access via one of two methods. While the second technique teaches you to enter the MSI BIOS settings with a password, the first method is for those who haven’t set a password.

Getting Into the MSI BIOS without a Password

If you don’t know how to get into BIOS on MSI motherboard without a password? Follow these steps:

Step 1

Start your computer again, and while it is booting up, click the DEL key to access the MSI Motherboard’s BIOS settings. In some circumstances, the F2 key must use in place of the DEL key to access the BIOS configuration. Because the MSI BIOS key Windows 10 has a rapid boot-up time, you must complete this step as quickly as possible to avoid missing your chance to access the BIOS settings. The computer will blink and restart once more to access the BIOS settings and carry out POST if the process is successful.

Step 2

Press the Tab key on your keyboard to access the MSI BIOS setting if you notice the MSI logo on your screen. Enter the model name into the search box on in the top-right corner.

Step 3

Select the manual button to the right of the product description. Choose your favorite language on the following screen, then MSI motherboard BIOS download the manual to your computer.

Step 4

To make your adjustments, adhere to the directions in the manual. Once finished, close the BIOS screen by clicking the save changes and exit button.

Getting Into the MSI BIOS with a Password

In addition to protecting your computer, setting up an administrative password will enable you to lock your BIOS screen and prevent unauthorized access. But if you’re having trouble accessing the BIOS set up with the password allowed, follow these instructions.

Step 1

Press the DEL key while your computer is starting to access the MSI BIOS settings. Restart your computer. You might occasionally need to press the F2 key to access the MSI BIOS Setup. Press the tab key, followed by the DEL key, if you see the MSI logo on your screen.

Step 2

You’ll prompt to enter the password. To access MSI BIOS Settings on a system with a password, enter your administrator password and press “Enter.” The system will alert you if the password is wrong; try typing the correct password to gain access.

Step 3

Go to the official website and type the name of your product into the search bar. Click the manual button under the product description on the search results page. Choose the manual language and download it to your computer from the next window. Applying the modifications requires that you adhere to the manual’s directions.

Step 4

Finally, click the Save Changes and Exit button, then restart Windows to see if you made the changes.

How to Enter BIOS MSI? (Simple Method)

How to Enter BIOS MSI

You’ll need to enter the BIOS to make specific changes or figure out beep codes if you have troubleshooting. It tells you how to get into BIOS on MSI motherboard:

  • Restart the computer.
  • To access the BIOS while the computer is booting, press the Delete key.
  • Usually, a message reads press DEL to enter Setup, but it can appear and disappear quickly.
  • In exceptional cases, the BIOS key might be F2.
  • Make any necessary BIOS setup changes, then press ESC to exit. Choose Save & Exit MSI BIOS button to save your changes. That is how to access BIOS MSI.

How to Update MSI BIOS?

Before I begin the MSI motherboard BIOS update procedure, it’s important to note that a USB flash drive and internet access are required to complete this work. The remaining steps will describe in detail. Let’s start now.

  • Start by obtaining the most recent MSI BIOS update from the website of the motherboard’s maker. Locate the help section on the website by finding your motherboard. Many BIOS versions are display here. Choose the most recent one and download it appropriately.
  • After downloading the BIOS version, you must unpack the contents into the USB flash drive. Right-clicking the file and choosing extract all will allow you to accomplish this. Check to see if the file must extract onto the USB flash drive after allowing the file to unzip fully.
  • The BIOS version on the flash drive should be visible if everything goes according to plan.
  • Restart the machine after this is finished, then go into BIOS. You can do this by pressing the specific BIOS key on the keyboard. Commonly DEL or F2.
  • There should be a tab for M-FLASH in the BIOS. Choosing the M-flash tab.
  • The BIOS will certify that the system will boot from the flash drive at this point and request your confirmation. Choose Yes.
  • As soon as your computer restarts, the flash mode will load. It will display all files on the flash drive and prompt you to select one. Simply click OK after selecting the BIOS upgrade.
  • Currently, the BIOS is updating. Allow the BIOS to update, and the computer will restart and boot into your operating system.
  • You may verify your BIOS updating by browsing system information.

Can MSI BIOS Update Without USB?

Yes, it is possible to update your MSI BIOS software without a USB, although it advises that you use one if feasible to prevent any update problems or mistakes. However, you will need to download and extract the file straight from the motherboard manufacturer’s website before executing it if you want to run an update on MSI BIOS without using a USB stick.

Although this isn’t usually the case, you might not need to extract the file in some circumstances because it will be offered as a zip file when you download it. Then, while still inside the BIOS, you must navigate to the M-FLASH tab, which you can tap on. When the BIOS prompts you to confirm if you want to boot from the flash drive after doing this, choose yes.

After you do this, your computer will restart itself and prompt you to choose a file from the flash drive. The MSI BIOS will start upgrading once you simply select and confirm the BIOS update.

What is the Version of the BIOS on My MSI Motherboard?

What is the Version of the BIOS on My MSI Motherboard

Finding the current BIOS version of your MSI motherboard on your desktop or laptop couldn’t be much easier if you need to see it or double-check it. All you have to do to find it is click Start, followed by Run.

Once you’ve done so, you can type msinfo32 into the search field, and your computer will immediately launch a Windows System Dialog Pop-Up Box. Select System Summary from the dropdown menu to the left of the box to view the files in the center of the pop-up window.

You should see a section named BIOS version/date somewhere in the list of files. It will let you view the most recent version of the MSI motherboard’s BIOS.

Why Does My MSI Motherboard Won’t Boot to BIOS?

You won’t be able to boot into BIOS if the motherboard or CPU’s power connector is improperly connected or defective. Make sure the 24-pin connector on the motherboard must insert and that the cable itself shows no evidence of damage. Typically, the CPU has an 8-pin, 4+4 shaped connector.

What Is the MSI Motherboard Boot Menu Key?

The boot menu of the MSI motherboard is F11. It can also utilize to display a screen. And it’s also MSI b550 gaming plus BIOS key.

How Do I Access The Advanced MSI BIOS?

You can get it by selecting the advanced tab and clicking the F2 key while holding down the ALT key; you can access MSI advanced BIOS options.

How To Reset BIOS To Default MSI?

Please keep touching the delete button when the MSI logo appears until the BIOS Setup Utility appears. Now press F9 after navigating to the BIOS menu. Press Enter to reset the BIOS settings to the factory settings after the following screen opens.

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