How To Install Case Fans Into a Desktop PC & Airflow Guide

The computer is a complex technology that has many components and parts. These parts must run smoothly, and if you talk about computer fans, there is no wonder they are one of the essential parts of any computer. They help your pc to release hot air from different parts and components.

If your computer overheats while performing daily tasks, that is not a good sign. It may indicate that you have to replace and install a new fan to lower your pc temperature. Because if fans are not working correctly, it will cause heat up your pc and might lead to massive damage. Installing a new fan will improve computer performance, lower temperature, and quiet your computer.

As you know, modern pc cases come with at least one fan. But if you are talking about gaming pc cases, they come with a minimum of 2 fans. There are many situations when you have to install new fans on your pc. Let’s talk about the situation when you need to install extra fans and the types of fans you can install. This article will cover all the basics of fan installations and how to install fans in pc. Let’s dive in!

When You Have To Install New Fans On Your PC?

System builders commonly use heatsinks and fans to keep a PC cool. You may need to install new or additional fans if you’re upgrading or building a new PC or if your current PC is overheating.

When You Have To Install New Fans On Your PC

I will tell you some of the scenarios when you may need to install extra fans, and later I will discuss how to install fans in pc.

  • If your pc is mighty and your airflow system is not that capable. You need to install fans to maximize the airflow to keep the temperature of your pc low.
  • If you are doing overclocking, you also need to install pc fan.
  • Suppose your pc room is warm, the room where you are using your pc.
  • If you want to decorate your pc case with more lighting effects, that may include LED and RGB.
  • You can also replace your stock fan with the bigger one that is good in quality, make less noise, etc.

Best Way To Install Fans In PC

There are several ways to install fans in pc, but I will try to cover as maximum as possible:

How To Install A PC Case Fan?

If you are worried about how to replace fans in pc cases, don’t worry; let me explain to you so you can do that smoothly. Follow these steps on how to install fans in pc case:

Step 1: Find an empty slot in your pc case mainly; it is situated in the front and top, and some pc cases have two slots on the floor side. The next step will also answer the question of How to put fans in pc?

Step 2: Remove the old fan by unscrewing it from the casing and removing the cable from the header if you’re replacing it. Position the fan with one hand to fix it in the desired direction. It’s because the screw holes line up with the holes in the case. Ensure the cable is facing your motherboard or fan hub since this will prevent it from being stretched across the fan once it’s connected.

Step 3: Grab the screwdriver with the other hand and tighten the screw of the fans. When the first screw is fixed, you have enough security not to fall. So you can use both hands to align the screw hole and tighten the screw more.

Step 4: Now the fan is placed, so it’s time to connect the cable. Bring the cable near the cable management area situated under the motherboard tray.

Step 5: Now connect the cable to pin four headers, fan hub, or motherboard system fan header.

How To Install Fans In A Gaming PC?

How To Install Fans In A Gaming PC

If you are a gaming lover and have a gaming setup, it might be hard sometimes to decide where to install the extra fan. If you don’t get it, don’t confuse; you can install it for airflow direction. The role of fans is not only to keep the components cool but more than that.

Before you start with the steps of how to install fans in pc, look at your potential fan and figure out how to best organize your airflow for a gaming pc. Let’s get started!

When setting up case fans, air flows over the open side and slides towards the side with the protective grille. If you have intake fans on the front or bottom, the open side of the fan should face outside the case, and for fans on the back or top, they should place in the front within the case.

Most cases are built with a specific airflow direction, usually front to back and bottom to top. That implies your intake fans should mount on the front of the case or the bottom if you have a multi-fan arrangement or blocked the front mounting brackets.

Exhaust fans are located in the back or on the vehicle’s roof. Exhaust fans should not be mounted on the bottom of the case; because hot air rises, a bottom-firing exhaust fan will be operating against the laws of physics by discharging somewhat cooler air rather than warmer air.

The direction of intake and exhaust should be front-to-back and bottom-to-top. Depending on the arrangement, side-mounted fans might be intake or exhaust fans when you go through all these things and explore them. Then open the case and place the fan in the required spot and tighten the screws with the help of screwdrivers. When you are done with the installation, enjoy the performance of your gaming pc.

How To Install RGB Fans In PC?

You’ll get a good start and make it far by reading manuals on how to install new fans in pc. A powered fan hub is required to install an RGB fan. If you bought a fan pack, there would be one included. The provided hub is sufficient.

Connect the fan PWMs to the hub and the hub to the PWM header on the board. There are two on the motherboard, one for the CPU and one for the case fans. Connect the last fan RGB cable to the mobo RGB header. Ensure it’s facing the right way, as those can quickly burn, and that’s all.

How To Connect Extra Fans To Motherboard?

How To Connect Extra Fans To Motherboard

The best way to connect a case fan to the motherboard is through the BIOS because it allows you to control the fan speed within the BIOS. Some motherboards have a limited number of fan headers and you suppose to utilize them. Sometimes the number of fan headers is way lower than the number of CPU fans you have on your case. So, how do you connect more fans to your motherboard and pc? This portion is all about motherboard fans installation and how to install multiple fans in pc?

You can acquire a Y splitter for that purpose that allows you to install several fans to be connected to a single fan header or a fan hub that requires a separate power supply if you want to add extra fans to your motherboard. However, most headers are limited in terms of the power they can deliver. A fan header is usually rated at 1 amp.

When you employ the y splitter there are two CPU fans that are usually a mess for a single fan header. But three CPU fans may begin to exceed the power capacity of a single fan header.

How To Install Bottom Case Fan?

Install fans on the bottom of your case that push air upwards towards your GPU if your case allows it. It will supply cool air directly to the GPU’s intake fans. If your case doesn’t allow it, use a front intake fan with correct top or rear exhaust fans, you can follow the steps of how to install a fan in pc case as previously mentioned above.

Why Do Computer Fans Have 4 Wires?

4-wire fans with control input allow you to alter the fan’s RPM without changing its voltage. When the fan is not needed at full speed, a variable RPM allows the cooling rate to adjust the extra demand, turning the fan off and conserving energy.

Where Do PC Fans Plug Into CPU?

CPU cooling fans should always connect to the CPU fan header, not CPU optional or any other header. These headers are sometimes white, although this is not always the case.

Is It Necessary To Have Intake Fans On A Gaming PC?

A gaming PC will require at least three case fans to manage heat and keep the components cool adequately. Two case fans are required at least, and three are preferred for optimal cooling. The back panel of pc case should have an exhaust fan, while the front panel should have an intake fan to give you a smooth gaming experience.

Is It Easy To Install Fans In PC?

Yes, it might be if you have basic knowledge and are handy in setup the pc. It’s not that difficult but it depends on different factors you can do that easily don’t stress yourself.

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