How To Open A PC Case? Step By Step Guide with Pictures

The computer case is just like a house for your system components. There is no hard and fast rule for how to open a PC case; it means that it depends on the manufacturer of your PC case. There are several benefits of opening a PC case. You can clean up extra dust and replace or install new components by opening your case.

A desktop computer allows you to access more than a laptop, giving the RAM and hard disk access. Although it is a simple procedure, many individuals are still unaware of how to open a mini pc case. The procedure is simple, especially if you have a PC case with buttons.

If you have a new desktop, you need to learn how to open a PC case and configure it. The process is not complicated if you follow the instructions step by step.

What Is A PC Case?

A PC case is also known as a computer chassis. It is the enclosure that houses the majority of a computer’s components. The PC case is commonly made of steel, aluminum, or both, and it serves as a physical structure for other components to attach to.

What Is A PC Case

Peripheral components, such as disc drives, the power supply, the motherboard, video cards, and the CPU, are situated inside the PC case. They are frequently fitted in separate compartments. The drive bays can either be built into the casing or be housed in a separate enclosure.

Drives are usually mounted/fit in drive bays using slide rails, custom trays, or retaining clips for 3.5-inch drives. In many cases, expansion card bays are included in the section. In these bays, PCI or ISA expansion cards can use. Because cases aren’t completely airtight, they’re usually paired with a fan to keep things cool.

Follow the Steps

7 Simple Steps To Open Desktop PC Case

The same process is used for every type of case either you are worried about how to open a gaming PC case? No matter whether your PC case is small or large you have a dell brand PC case, HP or Lenovo. How to open a computer step by step with picture. Here are the steps of how to open a PC case:

1) Necessary Tools

Necessary Tools

When it comes to opening a computer case on your own, you need a Philips head screwdriver. Use two, one large for pull and the other little for small sections of your computer casing. If you work in an environment that generates static electricity, you should consider wearing an anti-static bracelet. Use bowls to keep your screws safe and not rolling around when you work inside your computer case.

2) Turn Off The Computer

Turn Off The Computer

Turn off your computer before you start opening the computer case. You can do this by selecting Shut Down from the Start Menu or button. You can also turn the computer off entirely by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

You’ll know it’s ready to open up your case when the computer has shut down and cooled down. Check all of the corners of your computer to be sure it’s turned off because some computers get stuck in a sleep state when they turn off their monitor but keep working on a low power mode. If you make sure that the computer is shut down entirely, move to the next step.

3) Disconnect All Plugs and Power Cable

Disconnect All Plugs and Power Cable

Unplugging is a necessary first step. Some individuals believe that turning off a computer by hitting what is commonly referred to as the large power button on the front of the machine is sufficient. It isn’t valid for all devices because some components won’t switch off entirely unless you unplug their power cables.

4) Removing All Peripherals

Removing All Peripherals

Ensure all external devices and peripherals are disconnected before removing the case from the PC. It makes the process simple and decreases the quantity of cable clutter. All cables that connect to the PC case must be carefully removed. VGA and HDMI cables should also be removed, as they can restrict the PC case’s entry.

5) Remove the Side Panel

Remove the Side Panel

Removing the side panel can take some time as some cases have screws and some have screw less side panels. Let’s see details about them:

Cases with Screws
Some cases have a few screws on the back that you can unscrew with a screwdriver to take off the side panels. If your case has those screws, you can remove them with a Phillips-head screwdriver.  Some casings feature screws that aren’t detachable. In that case, you’ll need to unscrew them as much as possible with a screwdriver.
Keep the screws in the bowl to make it easier to pick them up while closing the computer case. Careful if you do not remove the screws that hold the power supply in place in the case. They are in charge of holding the supply in place, and if they are unscrewed, the supply may run into the computer. It can cause direct harm to the power supply and other internal components.
Cases with Single Thumbscrew
When separating the side panel, certain cases are screw less. Some of these have single thumbscrews that must remove. All you have to do is place the thumbscrew on the backside of the computer case.
You may easily remove the side case after you’ve removed the thumbscrew. Now effortlessly lift the side panel, and press the little levers on the side panel. The levers’ locations vary, but they always work by lifting against the side cover.
Cases without Thumbscrew
Some current PC covers lack a thumbscrew or screws that must remove. The PC cover is kept attached to the case by a few buttons in these cases. Find the button that closes the cover. The button is usually placed on the front bottom portion of the case. To remove the case, simply press the button and slide it out.

6) How To Open PC Case Front Panel?

How To Open PC Case Front Panel

The side panel may need to be removed from the front cover. It’s particularly beneficial for getting to the hard drive or optical drive. Turn off the computer and disconnect the power lines to begin the procedure. Follow the procedures above to remove the side panel.

Find the locks and tabs that secure the front panel by exploring them in-depth. Pull the front panel apart from the casing by carefully freeing the tabs. After removing all of the tabs, gently pull the front panel to the left and remove it.

7) Taking Out The Back Panel

Taking Out The Back Panel

The back casing is removed in the same manner as the front and side panels. Here are some basic steps to follow if you’re following them it will great for you. Remove the computer’s keyboard and other devices. To avoid scratches, place the computer on a flat area and cover it with a cloth.

Remove the side panel and open the screws using the proper tool. After removing the screws, take the back panel off one side at the same time by using slight pressure. Don’t pull on the back panel so hard that it breaks.

The back cover will simply be removed once you’ve completed these procedures. If you have a Lenovo PC and are worried about how to open a Lenovo PC case follow these steps and open the PC case by pressing the cover release button and pulling it back.

How To Open Omen PC Case?

If you want to open the Omen PC case, then:

  • Shut down the system and unplug the power cables and remove peripheral devices.
  • Remove the top of the left side cover by pressing down firmly on the release button on the top back of the unit.
  • But to remove it entirely, the left side cover from the PC case.
  • Then pull the top of the cover away from the device and lift the bottom.
  • The omen PC case is opened.

How To Open A HP PC Case?

Follow the above initial steps and follow these additional steps to open the HP PC case:

  • Turn off the system and unplug the power cables.
  • Remove peripheral devices.
  • Loosen the side panel thumbscrew from the back of the computer
  • Then remove the side panel by grabbing the handle and dragging it roughly 2.5 cm toward the back of the computer.
  • Lift the side panel from the PC by tilting out the top
  • And the HP PC case is opened. Assembled it again carefully after doing your task.
How Do You Remove The Bottom Of A Computer Case?

In most cases, you can remove two screws from each side of the case and roughly three from the back, and the case is open. Then, to remove the cover, slide it backward, elevating the back end of the cover slightly if necessary.

How To Open A Cyberpower PC Case?

Just remove the front panel of your cyber power PC case, and place one hand on top of the computer and the other on the bottom of the front panel. It may require some force, but don’t worry; that’s how it’s designed to work. If you plan to replace it, simply band it up, then replace the top and bottom.

Can You Run A PC With The Case Open?

No. Keeping your PC’s case is favorable for you because it will reduce airflow and raise the risk of overheating. It’s also not a good idea to use the PC without a pc case, so be cautious when it’s open.

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