Top 10 Most CPU Intensive Games – Demanding List of 2023

Suppose you want to buy a new CPU and build a new gaming setup. Games are the best source to analyze the performance of the CPU, GPU, RAM, and ROM. Keep in mind regular games can’t help you in this matter. Only CPU limited games use heavy components for better performance.

When developers release a game in the market, that game depends on the benchmark of a specific system. That CPU benchmarks games will describe the credibility and durability of that game. It might be a GPU benchmark game or a CPU benchmark game.

CPU-intensive games consume a lot of memory and graphics to manage visuals. They are using high-definition audio to make the scene more realistic and fantastic.

10 Most CPU Demanding Games List To Play

Here is the list of most CPU intensive games;

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5
  2. Crysis 3
  3. Warhammer 2
  4. Assassin’s Creed Origin
  5. Far Cry 5
  6. Skylines
  7. Shadow of Tomb Raider
  8. Call of Duty
  9. Resident Evil 7
  10. Civilization 5 or 6
Top 10 Most CPU Intensive Games

What are some CPU intensive games? Before getting into gaming details, I want to clarify that there are not the complete details of most CPU intensive games. I only cover the ten most CPU intensive games in this article. Let’s dive in!

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 is famous action game series that has been very popular since its launch. People like it very much due to its high quality and graphic. You must have a heavy system to play this game on its maximum settings. It consumes a lot of system memory and energy. But if you have an average CPU, you will not get the best performance and desired results.

Grand Theft Auto

GTA 5 is one of the most CPU intensive games you must hear about, even if you can play it. It’s a top-rated and most played game. GTA 5 CPU intensive gives you three protagonists instead of one, and the more significant edge is that you can freely shift them during any mission. You can explore the different sites along with the ocean and submarine.

We all hear that a massive world comes with a price, so the CPU’s intensiveness depends on what mission and action you are taking in the game. When you are using the significant features of the CPU heavy games get intensive because it consumes RAM and multiplies the operations of the CPU. GTA 5 is a high-performance game that consumes a high GPU and CPU. You must have a heavy set-up to run this game at maximum settings with excellent FPS.

Crysis 3

Crysis is one of the most demanding and best games. It has many series. Crysis series is also a first-person shooter CPU bound games. Crysis 3 is a more open game than Crysis 1, and it’s a long way from the linear predecessor. Secondary objectives reappear, different pathways are significantly more common, and the game is far more enjoyable.

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 isn’t entirely open-world, but it strikes a good mix between it and linearity. Crysis 3 has high-quality graphics, and it will make trouble for your CPU. Its excellent graphics and fully enrichment environment make it CPU intensive game. You may consider an AMD Ryzen processor to run this type of game. This processor can run its games smoothly and fastly.

The storyline of Crysis 3 is pretty okay; you can play it with humans and aliens. Challenges by combining aliens and humans and may adapt them as enemies while combating. You will get realistic effects and sounds while playing this game. This game required 12 GB RAM with an SSD card to keep to play it fast and get high performance.

Warhammer 2

Warhammer 2 is a strategy game and is one of the CPU based games with tons of screens and significant battles. It is related to conquering the world with the help of your empire and armies.

In this game, you manage your armies, train them and fight with the enemies. It will consume the high power of the CPU.  But managing an empire and leading the armies to the battlefield is the only real fun in this game.

Warhammer 2

It has a lot of AI calculations and engines that consume a lot of processing power.  The battlefield is where the CPU is intensively used and may take a breath, but it depends on the size of the armies and if there is a city near you.

The game’s graphics are not good enough solo, but this game is designed to attract CPU power. You need a quad-core processor, 1080p medium with good FPS to run this game.

Assassins Creed Origin

The assassin is the best RPG game in the market and still one of the top-selling games. Assassin’s Creed has a set of ancient Egypt, the Pyramid of Giza and the entities of Cleopatra. The visuals and role-playing theme of the assassin’s creed are stunning and fabulous.

Assassin's Creed Origin

This game uses high-end graphics that extend core working hours. The game has an intense environment that makes it the most CPU intensive game. It has quality texture packs, blooms, Vysncs, anti-aliasing options and RTX enable choices that make the game CPU hungry.

The game was un-optimized when it release initially, so that it will cause a lot of CPU usage. But now, it doesn’t put a lot of stress on the CPU. But the engine of the game and game physics give a hard time to the CPU. It has complex computing that adds another Layer to the DRM system, creating more pressure on the CPU. DRM systems are famous for heavy CPU usage.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is an open-world game set in the fictional world of hope country. The storyline of this game is pretty complicated. It is a game that will give a lot of stress to your graphic card.  You can build your characters and customize them according to your will. It contains adventurous missions, planes, epic fights and vehicles.

Far Cry 5

This game helps you check your gaming abilities and Stealth skills when sniping the enemy. It is an intensive game because it consumes a lot of RAM and graphic cards. The biggest test of the CPU comes at the time of combat. It’s recommended to use a powerful CPU if you want to play this game.

This game has a Diana engine, a refined gaming engine, but a far cry 5 stress test uses many CPU resources. When you are using more performance, it will use more CPU cores. The usage of the CPU depends on the Al calculation. So the heavy calculation and marvelous graphics needed a powerful CPU for this most CPU intensive game.


Skylines are the management stimulation game of city building from ground to colossal city. Skylines provide you with the piece of land, and you have to grow the city and manage its overall population by adding more buildings, infrastructure, rails and many more things. You can test your management skills in this game by growing and managing a city.


It is simple enough, and you may think the graphics are not that great, but you will enjoy a good experience by playing it. There is no stress on the CPU in the initial steps, but when the city grows and adds more kinds of stuff. It will lead to more population, leading to more traffic and other facilities.

Now it’s time to stain the CPU as adding more entities in the game, the more calculation is performed, and it will consume more CPU. CPU is used while stimulating traffic, population, weather and rendering the overall game. When the game uses more CPU resources, it will be stuck and respond slowly while making the city.

Shadow of Tomb Raider

Shadow of the tomb raider is a game designed for tomb Raider franchise lovers. It’s an action, adventurous, And ultra-realistic video game. It is an open-world game that has terrifying enemies and wild animals. If you can afford the RTX NVidia graphics card, you can get this game’s highest performance.

Shadow of Tomb Raider

Lara is the character of this game; she performs missions, looting, and combating the enemies. You can hide under bushes, climb with the help of a rope, and perform many Stunts.

So the scenes are crowded and intense; that’s why the CPU needs more processing to render the graphics. It is also the most CPU intensive game that uses CPU more at peak levels because it is an adventurous action game, so it must demand high pressure on your hardware.

Call of Duty

You might play call of duty or hear about it. Call of duty is a series of war games based on the first-person shooter. The graphics of call of duty is outstanding in that they want a powerful CPU to play it with high performance.

Call of Duty

This game will help you check your CPU’s performance, whether it’s a good one or not. This game wants 8 GB of RAM and ROM space to run smoothly without flickering. Call of duty has many versions like modern, classic, advanced, ghost etc. 

Resident Evil 7

If you are a horror game lover or the nerve seizing game, then resident Evil 7 is perfect.  Resident Evil 7 is a game series with scary graphics and sound effects. The storyline of this game is quite realistic and fantastic.

Resident Evil 7

The story is simple but scary. There is a guy who try to find his missing wife. If you play this game, you have to find your missing wife, and you are stuck in a wired and creepy building.

Not only find your wife but also survive by killing the monsters and wired creatures. You have to get some clues and unlock the doors to find your wife. You must have a powerful CPU and heavy set-up to play this game.

Civilization 5 and 6

Civilization is a game where you guide civilization from history to the present day. It defines the procedure of changing the gameplay through war, cities, and technology. This game does not use a square engine. It uses the new game engine based on hexagonal tiles.

civilization 5

When you start playing this game, you might think that it’s not a big challenge for your CPU, but when you play it for a longer time, your opinion must change. Because as you proceed to the following levels and eras, the Al will make the more background decision. Especially if you are playing epic maps that are 10 minutes long, you have to try minor and fewer Ai player maps to save your CPU if your CPU is not that heavy.

Some Frequent Queries of Gamers

Planet Coaster Is The CPU Intensive Game Or Not?

Planet Coaster is a highly complex simulation game that is entirely made up of graphics and CPU usage. I believe that the fact about Planet Coaster CPU Usage. But the mouse and keyboard function together in such a way on the PC that they are the ideal combo that makes a significant difference in the complexity. The controller appears to be a little riskier than usual.

Is Valorant A CPU-Intensive Game?

There is CPU intensive game called Valorant, it uses more CPU resources than GPU resources. The game will operate on any CPU, despite the fact that it is relatively simple to run and has good optimization.

Is Battlefield CPU or GPU Intensive?

Battlefield is a CPU intensive game that uses 100 frames per second. Sometimes it is really hard for players to achieve that speed.

What Determines If A Game Is CPU Or GPU Intensive?

It’s pretty simple to know whether the game is CPU intensive or GPU intensive. You must check the game system requirements and find the information about graphic cards and CPUs. If the requirements mentioned graphics, GPU, and didn’t mention CPU, the game is GPU intensive and vice versa.

Is PUBG CPU Intensive Game?

PUBG is one of the CPU dependent games rather than a GPU-intensive game, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need excellent graphics cards to play it. PUBG is a poorly optimized game in general, and many users struggle to get adequate FPS even with a powerful PC setup. A lot of reasons point out that PUBG is a CPU-intensive game one of the most important aspects is that, it is built by using the Unreal Engine.

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