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The IT sector is developing at a good pace. Manufacturers are launching some incredible pc components with newly added features. Some new launches are ordinary as they just come and go. Some of them are so incredible that they easily remain in the market for a decade. One of them is AMD FX 9590 gaming processor. AMD launched this wonderful processor in 2013, and it’s been almost a decade since it has been ruling the market. One of its most incredible features is incredible speed boosted up to 5 GHz. Also, AMD launched this processor with eight cores, which makes it perfect for gaming.

Now the issue is not about this processor but finding the relevant supported components. One tough job is finding the best motherboard for AMD FX 9590, as it does not support all categories. It comes with 8 cores and an AM3+ CPU socket. These types of features are not found in all motherboards. One must have the in-depth computer knowledge to set up a proper gaming setup. The gaming setup is incomplete without the addition of AMD FX 9590. Adding this processor is not the only task to perform. Also, it would help if you were perfect with the components that support this processor. I have made a list of compatible AMD FX 9590 motherboards for you.

5 Best AMD FX 9590 Motherboards

Our list is full of surprises for you. I have tried these motherboards personally, and that gives me full right to recommend you these products. A good motherboard for this processor will have compatible sockets and memory support.

As AMD FX 9590 supports AM3 and AM3+ sockets, it becomes necessary to develop original socket support. Also, DDR3 memory is perfect for this gaming processor. I have seen all the requirements in detail and gathered all the information for you. Hence this list.

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Product Recommendation
Deciding the best Mobo for AMD FX 9590 is a tough job. Although we have explained everything in detail, you might feel confused about it. Our tech team has a recommendation for you on this topic. We will recommend you to get ASRock 990FX EXTREME3 AMD FX 9590 Build Motherboard. AMD fxtm 9590 eight core processor is always good for the gaming setup. Also, it will provide you with seamless operation in every scenario.

ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z Best Mobo for AMD FX 9590

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Type: AMD

CPU Socket: AM3/AM3+

RAM Tech: DDR3

Chipset: SB950

Max Memory: 32 GB

LAN: Intel Gigabit

Audio: Supreme FX III

Memory Slots: 4

The first motherboard I started using with AMD FX 9590 was this wonderful ASUS Crosshair V formula Z FX 9590. It provided me with real time gaming experience. This motherboard is perfectly designed for FX 9590 as it has all the required features. A good processor cannot work right if it does not come with supportive components. I witnessed its superior performance for the gaming setup.

Chipset Technology

When I talk about any motherboard, I first mention its chipset technology. This motherboard comes with SB 950 Chipset technology. This chipset is specially designed for gaming. It can control all types of data with is increased level of bandwidth. This chipset will make the motherboard run smoothly with its advanced features. Also, it can support a good number of graphic cards as well.

CPU Socket

To be compatible with the high-end processor of AMD FX 9590, one must have the required CPU socket. This AMD processor supports the AM3 and AM3+ CPU sockets only. To have the best performance for this gaming processor, one must possess its requirements in a genuine mannered. As this motherboard by ASUS comes with two CPU sockets that are AM3 and AM3+, respectively, it is a perfect match for the AMD FX 9590.

Audio Features

Most people are unaware of the fact that the motherboard can also boost your audio system. You don’t need to spend all your money buying expensive computer speakers. You can try any great motherboard with incredible audio features like this one.

This motherboard comes with the latest technology called Supreme FX III audio technology. It will boost your audios to a whole new level. It does not just boost the audio level; it also increases the audio quality to HD. I had a real-time studio experience with this technology.

Supported Memory

As we all know, the motherboard is incomplete without its supported memory technology. AMD FX 9590 requires you to develop a DDR3 type of memory, so this motherboard did the same. It came up with a DDR3 ram that works as the finest memory for a gaming setup.

Also, its memory capacity is 32 GB, which will not make you regret choosing this motherboard. The best motherboard for FX 9590 should have all these memory features to process quickly. Also, a 32 GB memory is enough for this processor to run at its peak.

LAN Network

This motherboard appears as a topper of this list, and its high-end features are a clear reason behind this claim. This motherboard is not just compatible with AMD FX 9590 because it comes with the required memory and CPU socket, but its network technology is also the main reason. It comes with Intel gigabit LAN technology. It will provide you with one of the fastest and strongest network experiences.

  • It is best compatible due to the relevant CPU socket.
  • High-end audio features will provide a real-time studio experience.
  • Supported memory is good enough for a gaming setup.
  • Several memory slots will make it work smoothly.
  • It supports windows 8 in its original form.
  • A power capacitor placement issue is reported.

GIGABYTE GA-990FXA Best Motherboard for AMD FX 9590

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Chipset: AMD 990 FX

Memory Capacity: 8 GB/Slot

Ram Tech: DDR3

Graphic Cards: PCle

Audio: Realtek

Sockets: AM3/AM3+


CPU: Athlon

I have tried many motherboards to work with AMD FX 9590. This GIGABYTE GA-990FXA best motherboard for AMD FX 9590, is a tough choice to add. It is compatible with this processor, but I can count it as overqualified for this one. I tried it once, which was more than enough for this processor.

Chipset Technology

This motherboard comes with a chipset technology of 990 FX. 990FX chipset is perfect to work with this type of processor. Also, it can maintain high-speed processing flawlessly. That is what you require from your most important component. As the chipset is the one that maintains all the load on the motherboard, other parts of the motherboard depend on it a lot.

Graphic Cards Support

The next thing that matters in the motherboard is graphics competence. As we know, the gaming pros like to play with some high-end visuals. They like to add extra graphic cards to their gaming setup. For that purpose, their motherboard must have extra PCle slots. This PCle motherboard can add some high-end graphic cards. AMD FX 9590 motherboard support list includes these features as well.

Ram Technology

We cannot forget the supported memory type when we talk about motherboard and processor technology. This motherboard supports the DDR3-type ram. DDR3 ram has been ruling the world’s market for many years. Also, this motherboard comes with four slots for random-access memory. Each slot can maintain a load of 8 GB easily. High-tech ram support to this motherboard is compulsory. That makes it the perfect choice for gaming and programming.

  • It fits in the space easily.
  • LAN connection is very strong in it.
  • Gamers love the graphic expert motherboard.
  • It does not have most onboard buttons like cmos and por.

ASUS Sabertooth Motherboard for AMD FX 9590 Processor

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Socket: AM3+

Ram Tech: DDR3

Memory Slots: 4


Chipset: 990 FX

Memory Support: 32 GB

Type: ATX

PCle: 2.0

While looking for the best motherboard for AMD FX 9590 with my friend, one of the products took my heart. I decided to get this ASUS Sabertooth motherboard for AMD FX 9590 processor. This motherboard is so good that I can use it for my whole life. Also, its specs are incredible, and I feel like it is designed only for AMD FX 9590. Its usage is smooth and flawless with this processor. Both make the best team for a gaming setup.

Chipset is Vital

As we all know, the chipset is the most crucial part of any motherboard. It is the chipset that decides the fate of the board. CPU puts all its load on the motherboard, and the motherboard puts all its load on its chipset as the motherboard is an interface that keeps circulating the data all the time. This motherboard comes with an AMD 990FX/SB950 chipset that is the best for the gaming process.

ATX with AM3+

After the chipset, what matters the most is the board type and socket. Some of the board types available in the market are ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ATX. This motherboard falls in the original category, that is, ATX.

An ATX motherboard is always preferred for gaming because it can process the high-end frequencies smartly. Overlocking is another plus point of this great motherboard. It comes with a CPU socket of AM3+ that is the best fit for the AMD FX 9590 motherboard bundle.

Add More Graphics

Gaming is all about fun and passion. Especially live gaming has turned this world in a new shape. Live gaming fails if you cannot put some good colors and visuals. One must install the extra graphic card in its CPU to add more colors. This motherboard will fulfil all your wishes as it comes with PCle 2.0. You can add an extra advanced graphic card that will give more color to your gaming life.

Memory Support

It is now becoming the other important aspect of any successful motherboard, its supported memory specs. This motherboard comes with a supported memory capacity of 32 GB. It comes with 4 slots that you can fill with 8 GB each. It supports the DDR3 memory type for better results. DDR3 memory with 32 GB capacity can work all day without overheating the board. It is not just good for gaming but overnight working as well.

  • Good USB option as it comes with USB 3.0.
  • It is perfect for gaming with PCle 2.0.
  • It offers a perfect combination with AMD FX 9590 due to AM3+.
  • Four memory slots can give the best RAM experience.
  • A 3.0 PCle can give better results compared to 2.0.

ASRock 990FX EXTREME3 AMD FX 9590 Build Motherboard

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Chipset: AMD 990FX

Socket: AM3+

Ram Tech: DDR3

Type: ATX

Audio: Realtek ALC892

LAN: Broadcom BCM57781

PCle: 2.0*3 Slots

USB: 3.0

One of my friends received AMD FX 9590 as a gift. He was excited to install it on his new CPU, but he was unaware that this processor was not compatible with every motherboard. It requires a good knowledge of computers to find the best motherboard for AMD FX 9590. I decided to perform deep research on this matter.

After reading all the reviews and expert opinions, I bought the ASRock 990FX EXTREME3 AMD FX 9590 build motherboard. This one is said to be the best one in the case of AMD 9590 motherboard compatibility. Our research worked right, and we were stunned to watch the mind-blowing performance of this motherboard.

Superior Chipset Technology

A processor can work better than superior ranked processors if some good supportive components surround it. This motherboard did the same by providing an incredible working chipset. It has an AMD chipset installed in it. AMD 990 FX chipset technology is famous for performing all the high-end functions at a low cost. This chipset will do wonders when connected with AMD FX 9590. Also, its body design and size are very easy to be installed on any CPU.

Graphics Expert

Every motherboard has unique features that make it stand out in the market. This motherboard is known for its superior graphics support. It comes with PCle 2.0. 2nd generation peripheral component interconnect express provides three slots that can support the high-tech graphic cards. Recommended graphic cards are CrossFireX, NVIDIA, and AMD QUAD. If you have used these graphic cards, you must know about the superior visual quality of these cards.

CPU Socket and USB

As we all know, the original, compatible CPU socket for AMD FX 9590 is AM3 or AM3+. CPU socket requirement makes it the perfect combo for this processor. Also, this socket is known for transferring the current to the controller at an improved pace. That is why these AMD processors are a bit expensive compared to Intel. But one benefit is that they can process the sent data as fast as possible. Other than this socket, it comes with a USB 3.0 connecting option. That makes it a complete AMD FX 9590 motherboard bundle.

ATX & DDR3 Type

It is now coming to the memory part of this motherboard. It supports DDR3 ram, which matches a gaming setup perfectly. It can support the DDR3 ram up to a capacity of 64 GB easily. Maximum capacity support is not recommended as less RAM would give you a better result with this motherboard. This motherboard is an ATX that is known for working with less voltage as compared to others. Also, this ATX technology will take less space, time, current, and data while processing stuff.

Realtek Audio Type

One of the major roles that a motherboard perform is to maintain sound quality. This motherboard is launched with Realtek audio cases. This audio setup is known for producing less noise while processing the audio and the highest quality of audio in no time. It is an incredible product that can support eight-core CPUs. 8 core CPU means overheating, and slow processing is not even a thing known to this board.

  • It gives perfect NVIDIA setup.
  • It can work right in low voltage as well.
  • Glass fabric is used in PCB setup.
  • Less noise is experienced with its Realtek audio.
  • Not a well-designed cabled motherboard.

MSI Computer ATX Best Mobo for AMD FX 9590

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Socket: AM3+

Chipset: AMD 990FX

Ram Tech: DDR3

Ram Capacity: 32 GB

Heatsink: Thermal

Memory Slots: 4

PCle: 2.0 & 3 Slots

USB: 3.1

Once I was watching the reviews about the best motherboard for AMD FX 9590. In that topic, most people mentioned MSI Computer ATX best Mobo for AMD FX 9590. I was curious about this motherboard and what can be the special feature for this mention again and again. So, I decided to try one. I borrowed it from one of my colleagues with a complete setup. I was impressed with the combination of the processor with the motherboard. Both worked like they were made for each other.

Range of Processors

One of the main reasons behind its success is the range of compatible processors. It can work with a Phenom II processor. Phenom II is known for its incredible improvement in speed during processing. It can work with Sempron processors as well. The CPU socket is AM3 and AM3+. This Socket works efficiently with AMD FX 9590. Also, Sempron processors are known for their superior performance on a meagre budget.

Chipset Technology

Motherboards are weighted according to their main features. One of the main features of 9590 compatible motherboards is their chipset. This motherboard is ATX technology that can process the data in a short time. Also, overlocking is an extra feature that will not let this processor heat up in any scenario. This motherboard has a 990FXA chipset installed in it. This chipset is specially designed for gaming purposes as it can access the media in a quick time.

Additional Graphics

One of the main reasons why all motherboards cannot make it to the motherboards that support AMD FX 9590 chipset is their additional graphics slots. All the compatible motherboard that supports AMD FX 9590 have some incredible graphics supportive feature.

This motherboard also comes with PCle 2.0. PCle stands for peripheral component interconnect express. This express provides an interface to attach extra graphic cards. This time PCle 2.0 has three slots. It also supports some high-end graphics cards such as CrossFireX and NVIDIA.

Heat Sync Technology

AMD processors also faced some technical issues like intel in the past. Older versions get overheated sometimes that need a solution. So, AMD launched this processor with heat sync technology. It has a thermal guard attached that will not let it overheat any time.

  • It is specially designed for gaming.
  • I can add graphic cards to 3 slots.
  • It can support the latest processors.
  • It also supports the NVIDIA graphic card.
  • It has Single fan header only.

Buying Guide for Motherboards that Support AMD FX 9590 Chipset

We all know how AMD has taken over the intel processors in the market. Their production level is increasing day by day. One of their latest processors is AMD FX 9590. This processor is counted as the first preference of all gamers.

It can support many features, but to get the best result, one must install the best match of the motherboard. It might be tough for you to decide what sort of motherboard is perfect for this processor. So, our tech team has listed the buying tips for you.

Chipset Compatibility

The first thing that makes any motherboard compatible with AMD FX 9590 is the chipset. It supports different types of chipsets, but not all can be compatible. You should know your requirement for a chipset when buying the best motherboard for AMD FX 9590.

CPU Socket

The CPU socket is the most crucial part of any motherboard. It decided the compatibility of any board with the processor. AMD FX 9590 was launched back in 2013. So, it supports sockets that are AM3 and AM3+. Some people can use the AM4 CPU socket for this processor as well. To enjoy the best out of it, you must try the original version, which is AM3 and AM3+.

Memory Type

After the abovementioned two features, the next thing that matters the most in any motherboard is its memory. This processor can support DDR3-type memory. DDR3 memory is the most used memory across the globe. Although it is not the latest one yet, it is counted as the best one for gamers. Other than the memory type, memory capacity is the second most important thing. Try to get a motherboard that can support between 8 to 32 GB. This range is the standard capacity to be compatible with this type of processor.

PCle Compatibility

It is now coming to the extra features you can check before purchasing a motherboard. It would help if you got a motherboard with PCle. PCle is an interface that provides some slots to attach the graphic cards. As graphic cards are a trend in the gamers, it becomes important for you to get the latest PCle. Max PCle in these types of motherboards is reported as 2.0. Although, PCle can be divided into different slots for a better experience.

Overlocking Feature

Overlocking is the most important feature in any motherboard nowadays. Overlocking means modifying the speed when the board is getting overheated. Always buy a motherboard with the latest overlocking technology that supports your board. It can also work as heat sync because it will prevent the setup from being overheated.

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