Best Motherboard Tier List 2022 – Specification Comparison Guide

The computer comprises different components like processor, system memory, GPU, PSU, etc. They are essential for working PC. But the motherboard is the one that holds all these components together, just like the backbone of our body. It’s easy to purchase the wrong motherboard if you are new to IT.

If you pick the right components for building a computer without the correct motherboard, they cannot produce the excellent output you expect. The best motherboard tier gives components the power to live up to their maximum operating potential.

Suppose you want to build or thinking of upgrading the existing system. Start with your motherboard; other components are upgraded after that. Don’t need to worry; I’m here to guide you on what motherboard is best and how to choose the correct one? I will also assist you with PSU, SSD and motherboard tier lists. And give you some extensive knowledge about motherboards, VRM motherboards, and many more.

What Is The Best Motherboard For AMD And Intel?

It’s hard to decide between AMD and Intel motherboard tire lists for your processor. Let’s talk in detail to give you a clear view. The motherboard tier list Intel comes with a built-in Intel chipset that only works with the processors of AMD Company. But you can’t install the AMD motherboard and Intel CPU physically and may vice versa.

Best Motherboard For AMD And Intel

For example, the x570 VRM tier list has ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming WiFi six suitable for AMD, and ASUS ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WiFi suitable for Intel.B560 motherboard tier list is also one of them. They will deliver exceptional stability and performance for the majority of users. It will allow the rest of your PC to reach its full potential and perform well under load.

The ASUS TUF Gaming B550-PLUS or ASUS TUF Gaming H570-PRO WiFi will help you save money, while the Gigabyte TRX40 AORUS Master or ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 motherboard tier list is for individuals but want a lot of money and high expectations. Most of them use tier A and Tier S, but this will also depend on the system compatibility.

B550 Motherboard Tier List AMD

Tier S (Ultra’s High-End Tier)

  • MSI B550 Gaming Carbon
    Specifications: AMD4, HDMI, M.2, Generation 2, and SATA 6GB/s
  • ASRock B550 Taichi
    Specifications: SATA, various generation USB ports, DDR4, OC+ DDR4 DIMMs, and DP
  • ASUS B550-F ROG Strix
    Specifications: BIOS flashback, generation 2 RGB addressable, AM4, 2.5GB LAN, and HDMI 2.1

Tier A (High-End Tier)

  • Gigabyte B550M Pro
    Specifications: Micro-ATX, USB 3.2, PCIe 4.0, SATA, and Thermal Guard
  • ASUS B550-I ROG Strix
    Specifications : USB 3.2 generation 2 Type C, PCIe 4.0, AURA Sync, WiFi 6, and addressable RGB header.

Tier B (Lower High End)

  • Gigabyte B550 Gaming X V2
    Specifications: HDMI, DP, DVI, DDR4, M.2, RGB capabilities
  • ASRock B550 PG Velocita
    Specifications: M.2 Key E, DDR4, PCIe 4.0/3.0, Addressable RGB header, and WiFi
  • MSI B550M Pro-VDH WIFI
    Specifications : USB 3.2 generation 1, PCIe 4.0 , M.2 , WIFI, HDMI, DP, SATA 6 Gb/s

Tier C (Mid High End)

  • ASRock B550 Gaming
    Specifications: WIFI, addressable RGB header, DDR4, M.2 key 2, and PCIe 4.0/3.0
  • ASRock Gaming-ITX B550 Phantom
    Specifications: DDR4 5400+ on OC, AM4, 90A Dr.MOS, 8 power phase design, 7.1 CH HD Audio,
  • MSI B550M Mortar MAG Gaming Motherboard
    Specifications: PCIe 4.0/3.0, AM4, DDR4, USB 3.2 generation 2, HDMI, M.2 and DP.

Motherboard Tier List Intel Z690, Z590, Z490 and X299

Tier S (Extremely Overclocking)

  • Gigabyte Aorus Pro ATX Z690
    Specifications: PCIe v5.0, USB 3.0 , Socket LGA 1700, WiFi 6E and many generations USB ports.
  • MEG Z690I MSI Unify
    Specifications: 12 phase voltage regulator, PCIe x16: v5.0, thunderbolt 4 type C USB and 2 other C type ports. M.2, Robust 105A MOSFETs, and mini ITX.
  • Gigabyte Aorus Z690 Tachyon
    Specifications: LGA 1700, PCIe x16(2) v5.0, USB 3.2 generation 2×2 Type C, M.2, Robust 15-phase 105A VRM and overclocking feature.
  • ASUS Z690 ROG Maximum Formula
    Specifications: LGA 1700, ATX, PCIe 5.0, 10 GB LAN, and 20+1 VRM.

Tier A (High-End Gaming)

  • MSI B660M MAG Mortar WIFI DDR4
    Specifications: 14-phase voltage regulator, LGA 1700, PCIe x16 (1) v4.0, USB 3.2 generation 2 Type C and other type C USB ports, six SATA ports, DDR4.
  • ASUS ROG Maximum XIII Hero
    Specifications: LGA 1700, 16 phase voltage regulator, PCIe 3.0 and 4.0, USBs Type C generation 2, Dual 2.5 GBE plus WiFi 6E, premium audio, M.2 .
  • ASUS Maximum ROG XIII Extreme Glacial
    Specifications: 18 phases of a voltage regulator, PCIe 4.0, USB port 3.2, thunderbolt 4, WiFi 6, M.2, and w/DAC.

Intel Tier B

  • Gigabyte X299X Designare 10G
    Specifications: LGA 2066, EATX, PCIe 3.0, type c and thunderbolt 3 USB ports, WiFi 6
  • Z490 Xeon W-1200
    Specifications: USB port 3.2, SATA, 24 PCIe lanes, WiFi 6, ECC memory, 2.5 G base-T MAC

Intel Tier C

  • ASUS Z 370-E Gaming
    Specifications: 14 USB ports, SATA 6 Gbps ports, thunderbolt 3
  • ASUS Z390 Strix Gaming
    Specifications: USB port 3.1generation 2, M.2, WiFi 6, PCIe 3.0

Intel Tier D

  • ASUS Prime P Z370
    Specifications: 5x protection III, Fan Xpert 4 Core, Dual native M.2, PCIe 3.0, Optane memory
  • Gigabyte DS2V
    Specifications: UEFI BIOS, USB port 3.2 generation 2, PCIe 3.0, unbuffered DDR4,

Intel Tier W

  • ASUS Ws Pro Z390
    Specifications: SATA 6gb/s, USB 3.1 generation 2 Type C, Dual M.2, MHz, Optane memory, UEFI BIOS

How To Choose The Best Motherboard?

When you choose the best motherboard for your computer, it depends on which processor you are using. Intel motherboard requires an Intel chipset and sockets. And CPU of AMD Ryzen tier list also works for AMD socket and chipset.

Motherboard Tier List Intel Z690

When buying a new motherboard, look for your budget, chipset features, and compatibility with other components. Usually, people think expensive motherboards are better for your system, but that is not true. You have to choose the motherboard that provides stable overclocking and better support. Then there is a chance it will use the maximum potential of the components.

These are some essential factors you might consider. They will help you make a better decision about purchasing a better motherboard. Don’t think about buying a cheap one because it will not give you better performance. Let’s give a glance at things to consider before buying a motherboard:

  • Look for good VRM
  • Choosing the fitted chipset with AMD and Intel processor
  • Look for good power delivery if you are an overclocker.
  • Chipsets are matching and supported by CPU generation.
  • Ram support
  • Look for a selection of Rear ports.
  • Consider the form factor of motherhood like ITX, microATX, and ATX.
  • Consider the features like M.2 slots.

The VRMs and rear port selection are simply known after looking for what ports are available for your accessories. It is the least important factor among the above mentioned. The form factor describes the physical size of the motherboard. And considering AMD and Intel chipsets provide additional functionality for your system, whatever the choice must get the right socket to support it. For example, LGA 1700 motherboard tier list.

It’s also essential to support and match the chipset with the processor. The same goes for the RAM factor. Some processors do not work well with the fastest or some with the slowest RAM. Double-check before purchasing or building the system.

While talking about motherboard sizes, they come in three sizes. Micro ATX motherboards are affordable, while the mini ITX motherboard tier list is the most expensive.

Which Socket Is Compatible With AMD Ryzen CPU?

AM4 motherboard tier list 2022 is the socket for the AMD Ryzen processor and Ryzen tier list. When the Zen 4 is released in the market where the AM5 is introduced. AMD will only change the socket when it’s required.

Which B550 Motherboard Has The Best VRM?

Motherboard tier list B550 Aorus master has two slots and loads of USB. B550 Aorus master has a tremendous capable board loaded with premium features. These features are WiFi 6 and high-quality VRM. It is Quiet expensive, but it’s a well-appointed B550 motherboard.

Does Motherboard VRM Matter?

Yes, it matters because your motherboard VRM is the essential part that gives power to other components. VRM is an essential but underappreciated set of electronic components. It will ensure you are getting a steady power voltage. Otherwise, it will affect your PC’s performance badly.

Is VRM Still Important If There Is No Overclocking?

If there is no overclocking, you can go without VRM heat syncs. But high-end CPUs and overclocking motherboards want them because they have good features. Hyper 212 fans are above then VRM, but they are still helpful. If you have a mid-range CPU, you may be fine without cooling.

Which Motherboard Chipset Do You need For Your AMD Ryzen CPU?

Most motherboards are equipped with the following chipset: X570, B550, X470 VRM list and B450. The X is denoted as high-end motherboards, and B is indicated as close-run and mid-range models. There also have some A prefix that indicates the entry-level chipsets.

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